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Mick Foley to Appear at GCW—Mick Breaks Silence on Possibility of 1 More Match

The legendary Mick Foley needs no introduction to any of you, Pro Wrestling News Hub readers, I’m sure. The man has had one of the most epic careers in the industry, and probably moreover any other wrestler in the industry, he put his body on the line more times than Kim Kardashian has pouted her lips for an Instagram selfie (which is undoubtedly in the zillions of times, I’m sure).

The “hardcore” legend made his way though NWA, WCW, ECW, TNA, IWA Japan, and of course WWE, where he gained prominence amongst the WWE fans, playing the loveable Mankind character. Of course, he would go on to touch base with two other characters he had visited in his storied past in Dude Love and of course Cactus Jack, while with WWE.

His hardcore antics have been well documented and as I stated he certainly put his body on the line to entertain the fans, his matches quite obviously extreme. And, he certainly has the injuries to show for it.

via WWE /YouTube

Perhaps his most infamous match being the Hell in a Cell match vs. The Undertaker at King of the Ring in 1998. But there were so many more epic moments from this man’s career. He also topped the charts…the writing charts by making the New York Times bestseller list with his first book: Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweat Socks. He followed that up with many more epic books. To date he has written 11 books, Saint Mick being his latest, released in 2017.

via Bleeding Cool

And many have asked the question over the years, despite his retirement, would he return to action?

As has been reported by, he shockingly said yes, but at the age of 56, stated that the condition would have to be that it would be in a cinematic match only.

Cinematic matches were made popular by Matt Hardy in both WWE and Impact (in fact just this week there was a cinematic segment on Impact between Deonna Purrazzo and Mickie James). And of course who can forget the match at WrestleMania 36 between The Undertaker and AJ Styles? Also of note, the Cinematic Street Fight at AEW Revolution (2021) pitting Brain Cage and Ricky Starks against Sting and Darby Allin, who came out victorious.

via Impact /YouTube

It would be very interesting to see Mick take part in something like that, and there’s a lot of cutting and movie-type action going on (perhaps even stuntmen allegedly), but it would be great to see.

All that would remain to be seen is if it happens, were would it happen? WWE? Or AEW?

There’s no saying, really, but according to reports, WWE isn’t all that happy with Mick since he spoke about recent issues the company has been having putting its stars over on Raw, so I guess the odds would be good for this to potentially happen in AEW, which Mick has claimed respect for.

Fingers crossed.

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He is obviously open to working with other companies. This is proven by recent tweets from GCW themselves, they confirming his appearance at an upcoming GCW (Game Changer Wrestling) event, where he will officially be presenting the belt (the GCW World Championship) for the Jon Moxley vs. Nick Gage match. “Fight Club” put on by GCW, will take place on October 9th.

via GCW /Twitter

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