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Miro Changes His Finishing Move’s Name And Drops Other Move

Former WWE Superstar “The Bulgarian Brute” Rusev (who is now known as Miro) made his All Elite Wrestling in-ring debut on Dynamite this past Wednesday night when he teamed up with Kip Sabian to take on Sonny Kiss and “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela in Tag Team action.

The Tag Team Match saw Sabian and Miro defeat Kiss and Janela via submission with Miro’s Game Over submission that he locked in on Sonny Kiss, a move he used to call The Accolade.

Dave Meltzer indicated on a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that aside from Miro changing the name of his finishing maneuver from The Accolade to Game Over, Miro also dropped the name “Machka Kick,” which he typically uses as the set-up before applying his submission hold. Meltzer said that Miro’s signature superkick no longer has a specific name as of this moment.

Despite there being no mention of WWE owning or trademarking the terms “Machka” or “Machka Kick,” Meltzer noted that “WWE will be pissed off” if Miro uses those terms or in AEW. The term “Machka” was reportedly trademarked a long time ago to a restaurant services company, while the term “Machka Kick” reportedly is not owned or trademarked by anyone yet, reports Justia Trademarks.

Miro mentioned a number of years ago that Machka, which means Crush in his native language of Bulgarian, was a catchphrase or term he started and used after watching the movie Rocky 4 with his wife, Lana.

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