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MJF Says Someone In AEW Upper Management Has An Issue With Him

MJF has been one of the top Stars in All Elite Wrestling ever since he signed with the promotion back in 2019. He has recently been put in a storyline feud with his former Pinnacle partner Wardlow and he is recognized as one of, if not the top heel not only in AEW, but in all of wrestling. MJF spoke with Rasslin’ on his AEW contract expiring in 2024 and how he will make more money than The Hardys whether he stays in AEW or signs with WWE.

This is what MJF said:

“Let me explain something to you, by 2024, daddy is going to make more money than The Hardys have made in their entire run.”

MJF also talked about how he can’t wait to leave AEW when his contract expires and how he hates AEW’s President Tony Khan, but also saying that he didn’t mention AEW and that he fu***ng love Tony khan.

This is what MJF said:

“Once you get into Long Island, you don’t want to leave Long Island, so what does it matter if the traffic is bad coming out? I can’t wait to leave this company, how about that.” “Oh no, hope that doesn’t ruffle any feathers in the office, oh no. Who said AEW? I didn’t say AEW, you just said AEW, maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. Maybe I’m in a sh*t mood, maybe I hate my boss, maybe I fu***ng love my boss, who knows?”

MJF also talked about how his frustrations are brought about by all the ex-WWE guys making more money than him and how he thinks somebody in the upper management of AEW has a problem with him.

This is what MJF said:

“I think there’s a lot of stuff going on in this company that is inaccurate.” “I think all these ex-fu***ng WWE guys that are making an absurd amount of money. When quite frankly they can’t sniff my fu***ng jock when it comes to the ratings I pull in whenever I am on screen, I think they can all go to hell. I think that somebody in the upper management has a problem with me, and it’s very obvious if you see what I am dealing with week to week.”

MJF then talked about even though Shawn Spears is an ex-WWE guy it is a different thing altogether as well as how if he were to go to the WWE, he will not deal with the same thing Shawn Spears did.

This is what MJF said:

“Let’s talk about Shawn Spears, Shawn Spears is an ex-WWE guy that gets it.” “Now, if/when I were to go over there, I’d have me a ball. Because I have built my brand and established myself here. So, when I go over there, I am not going to have to deal with the same type of bullsh*t that Shawn Spears had to deal with. Because a guy like that has been criminally underrated for over a decade.”

You can check out MJF’s comments in the video below:

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