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News On Major Confusion Towards The End Of AEW FFTF

This past Saturday night’s AEW Fight For The Fallen PPV Event featured several fantastic matches and moments and despite All Elite Wrestling’s early success. There were still a few instances throughout the show that were botched and that didn’t go as planned.

This started with a Women’s Division Tag Team Match between Dr. Britt Baker and Shoko Nakajima vs. Bea Priestley and Riho. Despite the team of Dr. Britt Baker and Shoko Nakajima picking up the victory, there were a few botched moments that were noticeable like Dr. Britt Baker trying to tag in a wrong partner as well as other incidents that could have happened due to the injury suffered by Dr. Britt Baker.

The biggest botch moment of the night reportedly came as the show was coming to a close which was when Kenny Omega, Shahid Khan and The Young Bucks, among others, came down to the ring to donate $150,000 to charity, which they were able to make from the event.

The main event of the evening saw Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes take on The Young Bucks. The match was timed as a thirty-minute bout, but as the match was coming to an end, it was seemingly rushed. The fans in the arena seemed like they were confused at what was going on towards the end of a really long match and they didn’t seem to like any second of it.

After the match, Matt Jackson gave a promo, but even that seemed like it didn’t go as originally planned as it was interrupted by several individuals who came out to present the cheque of $150,000 to charity. Everyone in the ring seemed to be confused and didn’t know if they were still on the air or not.

This was AEW’s longest PPV Event to date at 4 hours and 20 minutes. AEW is technically still a new promotion and they still have a lot of work to be done if they want to compete at the highest level with other wrestling promotions.

Their quality of matches, as well as their talent in the ring, is one of the greatest in the world of pro wrestling. Despite only having three PPV Events so far. They only need minor changes to be made like proper timing and communication, then they can really give other pro wrestling promotions a run for their money.

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