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Powerhouse Hobbs Asserts AEW’s Equal Footing with WWE Amidst Upcoming Programming Deals

In what has become an engaging subject for lively debates amongst pro wrestling enthusiasts, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has continually been set against industry giant WWE, with fans and insiders closely scrutinizing the competition between the two wrestling promotions. As AEW and WWE prepare to collide on November 17th, with AEW’s Collision and WWE’s SmackDown broadcasting on the same night, the wrestling world’s eyes are set on this head-to-head matchup.

AEW’s own Powerhouse Hobbs, in a recent interview on “Chillin with ICE,” proclaimed with confidence that AEW has risen to stand shoulder to shoulder with WWE. Firm in his conviction, Hobbs stated, “We’re on the same level as them. We’re their competitors.” Hobbs’ belief in AEW’s stature is unwavering, to the point where he dismisses questions regarding a potential future in WWE. “When people ask if I want to go to WWE, I tell them we’re right there with them,” he affirmed.

This confidence isn’t misplaced, as Hobbs noted, “We’ve beaten them in ratings at times; that means we are on WWE’s necks.” Powerhouse Hobbs envisions a pro wrestling landscape dominated by two powerhouses: WWE and AEW. He points to AEW’s achievements, such as the record-setting paid attendance at their “All In” event, as evidence of their competitive edge.

However, while AEW makes strides, WWE’s recent merger with UFC and the lucrative television contracts for shows like WWE SmackDown and WWE NXT indicate that WWE still has a significant presence in the industry. The financial figures demonstrate a business chasm that AEW is eager to bridge with its expected new programming deal, likely to continue with Warner Bros. Discovery. The forthcoming deal might serve as an important benchmark, especially when contrasted with the robust contracts WWE has secured, not to mention the ever-popular WWE Raw.

As AEW works to negotiate terms that elevate its market position to rival that of WWE’s, the landscape of professional wrestling continues to evolve. We at Ringside News are dedicated to monitoring these developments as they unfold, providing up-to-the-minute coverage on the numerous happenings within the pro wrestling world.

The narrative of WWE versus AEW is more than just a battle of the brands; it represents the dynamism and perpetual evolution of professional wrestling as a whole. As Powerhouse Hobbs confidently stakes AEW’s claim in this competitive field, we ask our readers: What’s your take on this ongoing rivalry? Who are you backing to come out on top? Share your thoughts and join the conversation in the comments section below, where the debate is as heated as the action in the ring.

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