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Adam Copeland Stars as Ares in Upcoming ‘Percy Jackson and The Olympians’ Disney Series

Professional wrestling has always been rife with larger-than-life characters, but it’s not often that one of its own leapfrogs into the hallowed pantheon of the gods. In an exciting development for fans of both the mat and mythology, Adam Copeland, known to wrestling aficionados as AEW’s charismatic superstar, is set to dazzle in a divine role quite literally on the Disney platform.

The first glimpses have emerged from the eagerly awaited “Percy Jackson and The Olympians,” a Disney series adaptation of Rick Riordan’s beloved books. The series, which is set to premiere on December 20, 2023, features Copeland as none other than Ares, the formidable God of War. For those who relish the crossover between wrestling and entertainment, the release of the trailer has indeed marked a calendar event.

Adam Copeland, whose wrestling prowess needs no elaboration, is no neophyte when it comes to episodic drama. His portfolio is peppered with appearances in series such as “The Flash” and “Sanctuary.” Fans will no doubt recall his performance on the Stephen King-inspired show “Haven,” as well as his substantial role in the acclaimed historical drama “Vikings.” His transition to the new and challenging role of a deity is a testament to the range and versatility that Copeland brings to the table.

The new Disney series beckons its audience to journey into a realm where the lines between modern-day adolescence and ancient myth blur. Percy Jackson, a boy just shy of his teenage years, grapples with the dawning realization of his demigod status as he becomes embroiled in a celestial controversy involving Zeus’s missing master lightning bolt. It’s a fantastical trek across America to right a cosmic wrong and restore order to Olympus.

“Percy Jackson and The Olympians” promises a fresh narrative perspective, diverging from the precedent set by the film adaptations featuring Logan Lerman. The latter portrayed a sixteen-year-old Percy navigating the troubled waters of “The Lightning Thief” and “The Sea of Monsters.”

Potential viewers of Copeland’s latest adventure can indulge in the visual feast of the new series’ trailer just below this piece. The six-episode season foreshadows a narrative rich with the intrigue and action that has become synonymous with Percy Jackson’s universe.

For those who relish the synergy between the wrestling ring and narrative drama, Adam Copeland’s foray into ancient mythology is a collision of worlds that’s not to be missed. While Copeland battles it out in godly realms, wrestling enthusiasts can look forward to the upcoming Survivor Series 2023, with the promise of a WrestleTalk Watch Party in London adding to the anticipation.

In summary, whether as Ares or inside the squared circle, Adam Copeland continues to seize the spotlight, demonstrating that the capacity of professional wrestlers to captivate extends far beyond the confines of the ring. With “Percy Jackson and The Olympians,” we prepare to watch a familiar face ascend to new heights, armed with the arsenal of a god and the showmanship of a seasoned pro wrestler.

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