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Powerhouse Hobbs Says He Thought Sting’s AEW Debut Was “Technical Difficulties”

Powerhouse Will Hobbs was on a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, where he discussed being present when Sting made his surprise AEW debut. During this podcast, Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone read selected fan questions with one fan asking if Hobbs knew Sting would show up or if he was told anything that might indicate something big was about to occur.

“I wasn’t told anything, If I knew something was gonna happen, I would have been prepared. I didn’t know anything. It’s Sting. It’s almost like seeing a f**king ghost? I still get chills and goosebumps thinking about that.

“To be honest with you, I thought something like maybe some technical difficulties happened. ‘Why are the lights going out? Somebody playing around because they don’t want Cody to get hit in the head with the belt again?’ I’m like, ‘S**t. Takin away my shine.”

The only person to know about Sting’s debut beside AEW management was Schiavone. Hobbs said that Team Taz did not need to be told to leave. Stating that seeing Sting carry his trademark bat was the main reason they knew they had to leave.

“So I’ll tell you this, Sting was coming out, and I saw that bat drop. And I know when he has that, for me watching wrestling as a kid, when he has that bat, he doesn’t f**king play around, So I’m like, let’s go. Let’s get the hell out of here. I’m pretty smart to know when I need to bounce.”

Another fan asked Hobbs what group he would like to see Team Taz go up against in the future. He responded by saying the Inner Circle. Stating that this was the group with the biggest names and that he thinks they should go after ‘the biggest dog in the yard’.

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