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Ric Flair Will Be at NWA 73—Renee Paquette to Capitalize on CM Punk’s Rumored Premiere on Rampage—Bobby Fulton Rushed To Emergency

Renee Paquette once interviewed CM Punk, asking him about a possible return to in-ring action; that interview has been made relevant once again. Ric Flair will be appearing at NWA 73 and for very good reason, and in other news, Bobby Fulton has been rushed to emergency.

Renee Paquette posts a repeat performance

Renee Paquette once interviewed CM Punk on her podcast Oral Sessions, and on that show asked him a plethora of questions regarding his in-ring career, his MMA career and his past in WWE. She also had asked him if he would return to pro wrestling, to which he had replied at the time, that the story needed to be right—circumstances as well.

Well, as it turns out, she will be re-airing this episode and just in time for Punk’s rumored premiere on Rampage this Friday at 10pm EST on TNT. This should certainly build even more hype for his rumored premiere on AEW programming, but let’s be honest…this is one debut that really didn’t need much more help in the hype department, although more hype in pro wrestling isn’t at all a bad thing, for sure.

According to the report by Wrestling Inc, the video is new, although was taped at an earlier date. It is unclear for now whether any of the footage was shown in the previous episode of Oral Session featuring Punk from eight months ago. But…this is CM Punk, we’re talking about, so if you as k me, dear readers, it’s definitely worth a look.  

Very smart of Paquette to capitalize on his premiere, or rather rumored premiere, and should be the perfect precursor on Friday for the second episode of Rampage.

NWA 73 gives us Ric Flair

Perhaps the NWA is synonymous with Flair. The man was a legend in the original NWA territory grid, having wrestled in multiple territories throughout the early stages of his career.

It is most definitely fitting that he would be invited and would attend.

In 1948 the NWA was a governing body for a massive group of wrestling territories and promotions which included the WWWF (now WWE), World Class Championship Wrestling, Stampede Wrestling In Calgary, Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, and the list most certainly goes on. Their history is too vast to put into this piece, but rest assured that Flair is synonymous with its lineage, he having held the NWA World Heavyweight title a whopping 10 times throughout his illustrious career.

His appearance at the event will be the perfect book-end for his career and their legacy to move forward with their new embodiment as a pro wrestling territory in this era, independent from what they used to be to what they undoubtedly have become—a singular promotion as of 2019, as per Wikipedia.

The card is an interesting one and will feature stars from the industry such as: NWA World Champion Nick Aldis, James Storm, Mickie James vs. Kylie Rae, Crimson, and among other great bouts, the event will feature a 12-man battle royale for the number one contender’s spot for the title, according to f4wonline.

Bobby Fulton rushed to emergency

And speaking of NWA legends, Bobby Fulton, who spent time wrestling in many of the aforementioned NWA territories—specifically: the WWWF, Stampede Wrestling, World Class Championship Wrestling, Mid-South Championship Wrestling and so many others—has been rushed to hospital for emergency care.

He has been battling with throat cancer as per eWrestling News since 2019. Our thoughts and our prayers are with him and his loved ones at this time.

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