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Ring of Surprise: The Unveiled Truth of Saraya’s WWE Departure & AEW Comeback

Welcome to this week’s power slam of wrestling news! Today, we take you behind the scenes of the wrestling world where we unravel the mysteries surrounding Saraya’s WWE departure and her astounding comeback in AEW.

Affectionately known as Paige to her WWE followers, Saraya carved a unique legacy in the WWE universe before her shocking exit in July 2022. Her retirement came as an unanticipated blow, ending an 11-year wrestling journey highlighted by her becoming the only Superstar to hold both the Divas and NXT Women’s Championships at the same time.

During her stint with WWE, she never strayed far from the spotlight, even while battling a severe neck injury in 2017 that forced her into various non-wrestling roles. She engaged her audience as the General Manager on SmackDown and appeared regularly for signings, demonstrating the kind of spirit that made her a household name.

The story of Saraya’s exit from WWE begins with an unexpected call from John Laurinaitis. His message? WWE wouldn’t be renewing her contract. Her response? Not a trace of bitterness. This surprising exchange happened just before Laurinaitis himself got the axe and Vince McMahon announced a temporary retirement, passing the booking baton to Paul “Triple H” Levesque.

But here’s where the plot thickens: Levesque, the new captain of the ship, was completely unaware of Saraya’s departure. Confused and taken aback, he reached out to Saraya, “So what was the deal? Did you just want to leave?” To this, Saraya revealed the bitter truth that she wasn’t “of use, I guess anymore, and that was on their side.” The mix-up prompted a gracious response from Triple H, who assured her that WWE’s doors were always open.

Just as the WWE universe was left reeling from her departure, Saraya made a remarkable comeback to the wrestling scene by joining AEW. Now fighting under the banner of The Outcasts faction, she faced-off against Britt Baker at Full Gear 2022, marking an emotional return to in-ring action.

As we watch Saraya forge a new path in AEW, we can’t help but speculate on her future. Will she remain a stalwart in The Outcasts, or might the pull of the WWE prove too strong? Will we ever witness a triumphant return to her original stomping grounds?

As always, wrestling fans, stay tuned to the latest twists and turns in the world of professional wrestling and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments! Can Saraya make WWE regret their decision? What’s next for her and The Outcasts? Let’s hear your take!

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