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Sami Zayn Has High Praise For Bryan Danielson

WWE Superstar, Sami Zayn, is finally getting the respect he deserves. The Montréal native was invited on The Broken Skull Sessions with Stone Cold Steve Austin and the two men went into Zayn’s rise in the industry and  covered a bunch of topics regarding his time in WWE developmental as well.

via WWE on YouTube

Of course the interview can be seen on the WWE Network and snippets can be seen as always son the WWE YouTube channel.

Earlier this year Danielson also talked about Zayn in a positive light as well, drawing parallels between the two of them. He made these statements about Sami and his feud with Johnny Knoxville while speaking with Metro UK:

“So, from a performer aspect, everything’s interesting, right? I obviously don’t wanna speak for him but I think the interesting thing is to create any sort of depth. Anything – whether it’s funny, like the Team Hell No stuff – We were able to create an interesting level of depth, at least to me. ‘What are these two characters’ relationships?’ And the relationship evolves and all of that stuff…

I think Sami, when he and I have talked about; he likes things that he can really sink his teeth into. Whether that’s a proverbial five-star match or whether that’s being a conspiracy theorist, he just wants something to sink his teeth into, almost like an actor assuming different roles. So, yeah, part of that is also appealing to me as far as the idea of, just give me something I can really pursue and love.”

via Metro UK

The two worked many matches together over the years, and of course at WrestleMania 36, which was recorded at the WWE Performance Center during the pandemic, and without an audience. It was a masterpiece in storytelling regardless, and like Danielson stated of Zayn, in truth Zayn is a performer and ace storyteller…the comparison to an actor was spot on, and this match proves that.

via Dellboy02 /YouTube

Of course his time in WWE—Danielson’s—wouldn’t be very long after that match…he’d be gone a year later, give or take a month or two, and he would debut for rival promotion, AEW to raucous applause and adulation.

via WWE Wrestling on YouTube

It has been since landing on that platform that he has had impeccable matches that rival even his most physical matches in WWE, Danielson returning to the aggressive style he knew and loves so much that he relied heavily on during the early portion of his career. It would be interesting to see the two come face to face once again, this time with Danielson in his current state and frame of mind. Now talk about dream matches.

So it was during the aforementioned interview on Broken Skull Sessions that Zayn did not at all mince words, when stating that Danielson was and is “the best talent of our generation,” as Wrestling Inc. also reports.

He would most definitely know, dear readers.

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