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Sammy Guevara Releases Video Regarding Sasha Banks ‘Rape’ Comment

Suspended AEW star Sammy Guevara released the following video statement via his YouTube channel today. He also mentioned taking a break from social media.

“I just want to apologize to anybody I let down, to Sasha, to anybody I hurt with my words. 2016 me is not me today. 2020 me would never say those hurtful things. I used to think it was funny to do some kind of shock humor, to pop the room I’m in.

A lot has happened in four years of my life. One of the things that has happened is me growing as a person. I understand now that the words I say can impact people more than I’ll ever understand. They can hurt people more than I’ll ever realize.

You will not catch me saying these kind of hurtful things now in 2020. Whenever I do come back, I will be better. I’m gonna do sensitivity training and I’m gonna be a better version of myself.”

Guevara was suspended after comments surface from a 2016 podcast where he joked that after seeing WWE Star Sasha Banks in person at a WWE event.

“I wanted to just go f–king rape that woman.”

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