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Schiavone Weighs-in on AEW Streaming—FTR to be Managed by Legendary Figure at AAA Taping

Legendary pro wrestling analyst and journalist, AEW‘s Tony Schiavone weighed-in on just how close we are at getting an AEW streaming service.

via What Happened When /YouTube

A few weeks back, we reported on the possibility and what Tony Khan thought about it—specifically in regards to AEW establishing a relationship with WarnerMedia moving forward, but now Schiavone speaks a little on the topic in an interview he had with the AdFreeShows Podcast. He said:

“I think we’re going to see a streaming service…I don’t know anything for sure. Just by talking to people, I think there’s going to be a streaming service by the end of 2022…I think it’s going to come up very, very soon…I do know that there were people in Warner Media that I knew, that I still know…that have nothing to do with AEW and said, ‘You know that AEW is going to be part of HBO Max.’ …

“HBO Max has all these different…They have DC. I remember asking someone in the front office, not Tony, I said, ‘Are we going to be on HBO Max?’ They said, ‘Doubt it, until they want to come up with a lot more money.’ So I think we’re going to end up getting our own streaming service. I’m just trying to fill in all of the blanks here from what I’ve heard. It’s not really on Tony’s radar right now, but I’m sure there are people in the office that are working that out for him.”

via AdFreeShows Podcast /E-Wrestling News (Transcription)

FTR’s new manager for future Lucha Libre AAA taping

The tapings will be recorded in Mexico on Thursday, November 4th, and good old FTR will have a new manager in tow…the legendary Vickie Guerrero.

She of course, is the wife of the late, great, Eddie Guerrero and after his passing, she went on to establish quite the name for herself as a wrestling personality and manager in WWE for many years.

When AEW started in 2019, she returned to wrestling after stepping away from the business, recognizing that AEW was definitely a company that her husband would have surely associated himself with, had he been still with us.

via Chris Van Vliet /YouTube

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer first reported the news, stating that the “Las Super Ranas” (FTR), would have the wrestling manager on their side when they attend the tapings.

Of course, “Las Super Ranas” defeated The Lucha Bros on a recent episode of Dynamite for the AAA Tag Titles, in which FTR was unrecognizable in their Lucha outfits at the start of the match, until a certain point when they unmasked.

via AEW /YouTube

In AAA, Vickie Guerrero is wrestling royalty, and it will be very cool to see her walk in with FTR, garnering quite the pop for the heels, especially in Lucha Bros territory.

The goal, Meltzer stated, is for FTR, The Lucha Bros and Dragon Lee & Dralistico to have a match, FTR defending the titles, at Triplemania Regia a month later. At Triplemania Regia, Kenny Omega is also set to appear, where he will be defending his AAA Mega Championship vs. El Hijo del Vikingo. It should be quite the event for sure.

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