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Ruby Soho on Tony Khan—ROH Releases All Members of its Roster

It was while she was speaking with Inside The Ropes, that Ruby Soho let her thoughts be known on exactly what she thinks about her new boss, Tony Khan.

Soho, known in WWE as Ruby Riott, made quite the debut in AEW recently, and her performances in the ring can best be described as night and day to what we saw of her in WWE…something that we’ve seen before, in other wrestlers who have come to AEW from WWE, they making the most of their opportunity to shine, and they also proving what a little bit of trust and motivation from a boss can do.

via AEW /YouTube

Regardless of what the circumstances were in WWE, she is proving all naysayers wrong from match to match in AEW and she claims a lot of that has to do with her new boss, Tony khan. She said:

“…His excitement and his passion for professional wrestling is infectious throughout the locker room. When he comes up to you and he is excited about something, you’re excited too. You haven’t even heard what he has to say, but you can feel how stoked he is about stuff…It’s amazing, it’s such a positive and inviting energy, and a productive one that makes you want to work hard, it makes you want to go that extra mile. Because your boss is so excited, you want to do well for him, your product, your peers, you want to do well overall, it’s a very encouraging environment…It’s been amazing, it’s so great. Tony is the best boss, like he’s the best, honestly…”

via Inside The Ropes / (Transcription)

Ring of Honor lets go of its entire roster

A few ROH fans are indeed panicking, as the company has released its entire wrestling staff before its by now highly publicized hiatus. As has reported, ROH has recently announced that it was planning to “work internally to re-imagine ROH.”

ROH has certainly been one of the promotions unable to break free from the limitations set upon the industry by the Covid-19 pandemic. The weekly broadcast paled in comparison to the ROH programming before the pandemic and even earlier than that.

That by no means is to suggest that the roster was below par because it wasn’t and never has been. But its fan base has sadly moved on from what they’ve been bringing to the table, sadly, or rather a large portion of it has.

via Top 10 Wrestling /YouTube

ROH has a rich history that dates back to 2002. It changed hands multiple times and is currently owned and operated by the Sinclair Broadcast Group. An historic roster for sure…one that can claim featuring many big names in the pro wrestling industry…names like Kenny Omega, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels among so many others I haven’t named, and not at all out of disrespect. It was a few years back that Christopher Daniels spoke about ROH, he being one of the founding fathers, as referred to him. He said:

“…At this point in my career, I feel like a proud parent when it comes to this company. I say that because of the amount of blood I’ve shed in a Ring of Honor ring, the amount of time I’ve put in to try to make Ring of Honor stand out as the best wrestling on the planet…It’s difficult for me to give just one moment (in ROH). I’m certainly proud of the titles I’ve won. Being World Tag Team Champions twice with Frankie and beating reDRagon and War Machine – two of the best tag teams in our company – to win those titles stands out as does being the second World Television Champion in this company’s history and beating someone like Eddie Edwards, whom I respect greatly, for it. Walking out to the ring at Best in the World 2014 in Nashville with Frankie for the first time in Nashville wrestling reDRagon after being gone for almost four years stands out for me as well. “

via ROH

The promotion does plan on finally returning to live events in April, specifically with the Super Card of Honor slated for that month. But ahead of this publicized hiatus, the entire roster is free to go where they want, and these days, the pickings are indeed plentiful. Many are wondering just who will return when ROH is ready to start back up again.

This can mean quite the shift in direction for the promotion and that can be both a good thing and a bad thing, depending on who decides to wait it out and return in April. But indie wrestlers need a paycheck like fish need the sea…money in the industry isn’t what it used to be, if it ever really was all that good in the indies, sadly. I’m sure no one can blame this talented roster if they seek employment at GCW, MLW or anywhere else for that matter.

It’s sad to see a promotion like ROH struggle like this, but we hope that they come back in full force and better than ever.

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