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TNT Champion, Miro, Gets Challenged by Unlikely Former NXT Star—Lance Storm Comments on His Dream Match—Brian Knobbs in Hospital

Miro seems to be on the mind of a recently released star from NXT, Nasty Boy, Brian Knobbs has been rushed to the hospital for what seems like a lengthy stay, and Chris Jericho recently interviewed his old friend, Lance Storm; Storm had lots to say on current stars and whom he’d love to face if he gets the chance.

“Grinding In Violence Every Match Every Moment Is Reality Of … course.”

“Give Me Miro,” is the message delivered loud and clear in a cryptic tweet sent out by recently released NXT star, Bronson Reed. The message was delivered in an ingenious acrostic form of verse. Acrostic poems or puzzles are very original and are written in a way that presents the readers with multiple lines, but the first letter of each line (sometimes other letters in each line) make up a message when read from top to bottom as a word. Case in point, Reed’s Tweet.

Who said wrestlers weren’t well-read? Kudos to Reed for thinking of this.

The tweet has sparked rumors, as is often the case here in this industry that Reed too can be AEW-bound, as so many ex-NXT and ex-WWE stars have been as of late.

And as former Executive Producer and later Senior Vice President of WCW, Eric Bischoff recently stated on a recent episode of 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff:

“…right now, I think Tony Khan and company are hitting on all cylinders…I think AEW is in a phenomenal position, due in large part, or in least in some part because of the release of Bray Wyatt. The timing is just mind boggling to me…AEW is building serious momentum…WWE is handing Rampage a golden opportunity (In Wyatt)…”

He stated many other things to the same effect. Essentially, WWE is letting go of a lot of talent and AEW won’t miss the aforementioned “golden opportunities” thrown their way in the form of talent, as in Mr. Bronson Reed, we hope.

Lance Storm’s dream match

As was reported by, Lance was on Chris Jericho’s podcast, Talk Is Jericho, recently, to discuss a bunch of topics…specifically his brief time as a coach and agent in WWE, he analyzed, with Jericho, an old match of Jericho’s and Juventud’s at Superbrawl 1998, and in the interview, he also mentions who he’d love to come out of his retirement to face.

Listen until the end of the podcast; trust me, it’s worth it, especially if you’re a Lance Storm fan and of course a Jericho fan—the incredible matches they had throughout their years together. He talks about so many instances in his career as well.

He states that his favorite opponents are Daniel Bryan during their ROH days and Terry Funk, but he also states that he would come out of retirement to have one final match with Jericho himself. Now that would be great to see.

Brian Knobbs in Hospital

As also was reported by webisjericho, Brian Knobbs has been rushed to hospital due to an as of yet undisclosed stomach issue.

The stay at hospital will be quite lengthy apparently and a Go Fund Me Page has been set up to help him with medical bills. 97 generous donors have already contributed $8,147 of the $20,000 goal.

The 57 year old is most remembered in wrestling from his time in the Nasty Boys tag team with Jerry Sags. They had very memorable runs in WWE, WCW and of course NWA.

We wish him a speedy recovery, and he is in our thoughts and our prayers here at Pro Wrestling News Hub.

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