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Tony Khan Discusses Christian Cage’s Jump From WWE To AEW

Last Sunday night’s Revolution PPV saw Christian Cage be revealed as the major star that has signed a contract with AEW. Christian made his way down to the ring, didn’t speak, signed his AEW contract and left the contract in the middle of the ring. Christian then flaunted his AEW shirt, which read, “Out. Work. Everyone.”

AEW President and CEO Tony Khan took part in a media call immediately following Revolution and talked about his friendship with Christian as well as when he first met him.

Khan also said that Christian’s a great singles wrestler, a great champion, he has one of the best minds in wrestling and is in great physical condition.

This is what Tony Khan said:

“He’s been a friend of mine for a long time.” “I met Christian Cage seven years ago, he’s a great person. I’ve always really liked him as a person, but long before then I was a huge, huge fan of him as a wrestling.

I think he’s one of the great wrestlers the past couple decades. He’s had great matches in different companies. He’s a great singles wrestler, a great tag champion. I think he adds a lot here. He’s one of the best minds in wrestling, and he’s in great physical condition.”

Khan then talked about seeing Christian compete on PPV and them having a lot of interest in it. After which, Christian was interested in wrestling on a regular basis and he gave Khan a call and said he’d really like to come wrestle in AEW, to which Tony Khan responded I would really like to have you come wrestle in AEW for me and that is how it all came together.

This is what Tony Khan said:

“We saw him very recently compete on pay-per-view, and there was a lot of interest in it.” “It generated a lot of interest. He was interested in wrestling on a regular basis, and he gave me a call. He said, ‘I’d really like to come wrestle in AEW.’ And I said, ‘I’d really like to have you come wrestle in AEW for me, that sounds awesome.’ It all came together great.”

Tony Khan then talked about the turnaround time of Christian signing with AEW and how it came about.

This is what Tony Khan said:

“It came up in the last few weeks.” “Paul [Wight] and I had been talking and were trying to put together a deal while I was trying to launch Elevation, and that took a little bit more time to come together as we were putting that deal together, and that one I kept a secret a little bit longer.

This one came together pretty quickly. Christian Cage had just recently returned to the ring and looked incredibly impressive, and I was not aware that he did not have a contract and was going to be interested in wrestling for us.”

“He’s a friend of mine, and I didn’t know he would be [interested in] coming here. Never in a million years would I have imagined it. Now I’m kind of kicking myself he wasn’t here when I saw him come back [at the Royal Rumble]. He got a great reaction. I can’t say it enough. I have so much respect for him.

All the wrestlers here, this locker room has so much respect for Christian Cage as one of the great minds, the great wrestlers. So many people here consider him one of their heroes, and it’s great that the younger generation is going to get to wrestle against somebody who is known for being one of the best minds, not a selfish person at all, who’s looking to share their knowledge with all these young wrestlers.”

You can check out Tony Khan’s comments in the video below:

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