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Tony Khan Reportedly Had Plans For A Giant Egg And Turkey

Former BTE Champion Charlie Ramone, who currently works in a behind-the-scenes role for AEW, recently appeared on an episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, where he talked about what his job entails as well as what are the responsibilities and obligations of his job.

This is what Charlie Ramone said:

“I actually have a job title. I try to do absolutely everything I can.” “I’m a Special Projects Manager. I do cinematic matches. Anything that happens outside the ring, that’s essentially what I’m in charge of so doing all the coordination with that and helping everything run smoothly.”

“So getting guests in, helping them set up everything, getting locations locked down, that type of stuff is what I do. I love the security aspect. I love the props aspect. I love the artistic aspect. I can’t let any of that other stuff go. I even love getting Monster’s for Mr. Schiavone.”

Charlie Ramone then talked about what he did prior to AEW, how he got started with AEW and what stuff or prop made him never wanna leave AEW.

This is what Charlie Ramone said:

“I’d been a police officer prior to AEW, and with policing going the way it had been, I didn’t see a good or a bright future.” “After discussing things with the department, I left, and I went to Cody, promptly, the next day and I said, ‘How do I get back into wrestling?’ And he said, ‘Go meet with QT [Marshall]. It’s gonna be a long road and get back in the ring, learn what to do and hopefully, the best happens.’ Wished me the best of luck and I went with QT, stayed in touch with Cody and eventually, it came down to Tony Khan needing a prop.”

“AEW had just been formed, and Tony Khan needed a specific prop made and I was the only person available. I just knocked it right out. They appreciated my work, and then I never left. The prop was the, now infamous, Shawn Spears chair. That was supposed to be an unprotected chair shot to the head, so therefore, I wanted to make sure the chair could be safely used, and it wasn’t. As Tony said, ‘ Pilot error.’”

Charlie Ramone then talked about how AEW President and CEO Tony Khan asked him to make or acquire two props for a Thanksgiving episode, which was a giant egg and a turkey and how it did not get done.

This is what Charlie Ramone said:

“As far as acquisitions, there’s a lot that you haven’t seen that I’ve had to turn down.” “Probably one of the weirdest ones was the turkey for the Thanksgiving episode. Tony wanted a giant egg and a turkey. Because that was a little bit out of my scope and I had a lot of stuff to do, that got delegated to another group of people.”

“And when that didn’t get accomplished, I remember Tony sitting there talking to me saying, ‘I was told that just couldn’t happen. How on earth could it happened in 1985, but it can’t happen in 2019?’ I said, ‘I got no clue.’ Thankfully, I didn’t have to stay on that project. That would probably be one of the weirdest things that I have tried to make or acquire, a giant egg and turkey costume for someone to pop out of, like The Gobbledy Gooker.”

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