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Trick Williams Aims for NXT Championship Glory Against Ilja Dragunov at NXT Spring Breakin

One Big Thing

Trick Williams sets his sights on the NXT Championship, confident that his fourth face-off against Ilja Dragunov at “NXT Spring Breakin” will end in victory.

Key Takeaways

  • Williams has been inching towards NXT Championship, hindered by his past alliance and rivalry with Carmelo Hayes.
  • After besting Hayes twice within ten days, Williams is positioned for another title shot against Dragunov.
  • Williams expressed on “Busted Open Radio” that despite previous defeats, he’s ready to conquer Dragunov in their upcoming match.
  • The stipulation is high: if Williams loses, he has agreed to leave “NXT”.
  • Williams views the championship as his ultimate goal and is at peace with the match’s high stakes.

Why It Matters

This match isn’t just a pivot point in Trick Williams’ career; it’s an emblem of determination and the relentless pursuit of glory in the competitive NXT landscape. The stipulation adds a layer of intensity, promising a bout filled with desperation, strategy, and raw talent. For Williams, it’s more than a match; it’s a chance to solidify his legacy in NXT.

Williams’ Confidence

“This is the fourth time facing each other face to face in that ring, but the fourth time is the charm. And I’ve got to go get what’s mine,” stated Williams, signaling his readiness to overcome past setbacks and clinch the NXT Championship.

Stakes Are High

Understanding the weight of the moment, Williams has accepted the high stakes, willing to leave NXT if he doesn’t secure the win. This determination underscores his belief in his right to championship glory and his preparedness to risk it all for the NXT title.


As Trick Williams and Ilja Dragunov prepare to face off at “NXT Spring Breakin”, the wrestling world watches closely. Will Williams’ declaration of the fourth time being the charm hold true, or will Dragunov continue his reign as NXT Champion?

What are your thoughts on Trick Williams’ confidence going into the match against Ilja Dragunov? Can the fourth match be the turning point for Williams? Leave your comments below.

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