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What Can Be Expected from the Kenny Omega vs. Christian Cage Collision?

It seemed as though Hangman Adam Page was on his way to heading for that bout vs. Kenny Omega, and although that still might happen, for now, it seems as though there’s a new number one contender.

“…Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down a road and back again
Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant…”

-Andrew Gold / Golden Girls Theme

Who didn’t sing along with this legend of the ring, Christian Cage while he was being interviewed by the equally legendary Tony Schiavone? He sang the words in response to Tony having asked him what he thought about Leyla Hirsch having given him a hand during his match, Hirsch warding off the Bunny. Daily’s place made their voices heard and I did too, watching the show unfold from my writing desk, a cup of tea cooling off to my side.

It was the perfect moment of when hilarity meets the serious platform that can at times be the world of professional wrestling. We get this especially when looking at a genuine person on screen, a genuine person being just that…real.

Since arriving in AEW, Christian has proven that his retirement seven years ago was moot. He needed to make this return and go out on his own terms. It seems to me that he’s doing that, and in AEW to boot.

He is undefeated since arriving in AEW after a lackluster return in WWE, the company dropping the ball with him as they always have in the past.

As Schiavone stated, he’s the number one contender after his win against The Blade. So when can we expect the match to happen?

That is still to be determined, but the collision course is definitely set for sometime soon, it would seem; especially after Christian’s comments about being “Elite,” it seems quit clear who his sights are on. (And that’s if he doesn’t change the script completely and turn heel, joining the elite, which doesn’t really make sense for now, but this is pro wrestling, folks…keep anything in mind.)

That is of course if he manages to hold onto that spot as the weeks progress.

There is a lot of uncertainty right now in AEW (the storylines, that is)…all that’s gone on with Cody hinting at a retirement after his loss to Malakai Black; Adam Page exiting the Dark Order…losing his chance at facing Omega, for now. However, I don’t see Page taking any of what happened on Dynamite sitting down.

Wins and losses matter at AEW and those are the cards that Adam has been dealt. He needs to do the most with his hand, as Christian obviously has.

Where this will go is not clear, but if it does end up as being Omega vs. Christian, we’re talking about a gift of a match that can only be seen when we look back on the golden years of professional wrestling. Omega would bring his aggressive style to the match, his timeless experience and pace, as would Christian, who wrestles as intellectually as he sounds when he speaks…keeping the pace of the match would work out in his favor, but if he gets caught in the one winged angel….

Looking forward to this encounter, as should you, dear readers. As always, we’ll keep you posted.

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