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WWE HOFer Kurt Angle Reacts To Praise From AEW Star Kenny Omega

One Big Thing

Kurt Angle, WWE Hall of Famer, expresses mutual respect and admiration for AEW star Kenny Omega, highlighting the potential of a dream match between the two.

Key Takeaways

  • Kenny Omega, former AEW World Champion, regards Kurt Angle as possibly the best wrestler of all time and his main subject of study.
  • Angle praises Omega and AEW’s Bryan Danielson, considering them as the top wrestlers today.
  • The two have never competed in the ring, but both feel a match between them would have been a five-star encounter.

Why It Matters

This exchange underlines the mutual respect between talents of different wrestling generations and promotions, showcasing the universal admiration and influence among professional wrestlers. It also highlights the fans’ enduring interest in hypothetical matchups between wrestling icons from distinct eras and companies.


During his appearance on the “Wrestling Life Online” podcast, Kurt Angle responded to Kenny Omega’s compliments, signaling a significant cross-promotional respect. Angle also acknowledged Bryan Danielson as another top talent, pointing to a minimal but memorable interaction during the Greatest Royal Rumble event in 2018.

Significance of Mutual Respect

The public exchange of compliments between Angle and Omega emphasizes the depth of respect wrestlers have for those who set new standards in the industry, regardless of the promotions they represent. Angle’s acknowledgment of Omega and Danielson updates the conversation about the greatest wrestlers of today and of all time.

Attribution: Quotes and details from “Wrestling Life Online” podcast, with transcription credit to Wrestling Inc.


The conversation between Kurt Angle and Kenny Omega offers a fascinating glimpse into the relationships and mutual admiration among wrestling’s elite, crossing over beyond the boundaries of promotions and eras. It’s a narrative that enriches the lore of professional wrestling, connecting past and present stars in a shared love for the sport.

Final Thoughts

The potential dream match between Kurt Angle and Kenny Omega is a topic that excites many wrestling fans, showing the timeless nature of wrestling’s appeal and the universal respect among its stars. It’s a reminder of the compelling storytelling and athleticism that continue to draw audiences worldwide.

What are your thoughts on the mutual admiration between Kurt Angle and Kenny Omega? Do you think a match between them would have lived up to the hype? Let us know in the comments.

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