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Young Bucks On If They Pay Attention To AEW/NXT Ratings War

AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) recently appeared on the Chris Van Vliet Show with Chris Van Vliet to discuss a number of topics, which includes their goal of being remembered as the greatest tag team in the professional wrestling business and who they believe is the greatest tag team ever.

This is what Nick Jackson said:

“My last goal in wrestling is to be known as the best tag team of all time. It’s a hard goal to get to but LeBron says the same exact thing, he wants to be known as the best player of all time so why should we think differently?

You have to have high goals and I think that’s the last thing that I’d like to accomplish even though it’s an impossible thing to accomplish because wrestling is an opinion and everyone has an opinion on things and it’s actual factual things and it’s predetermined. But I want at least some people to say we’re the greatest of all time.”

This is what Matt Jackson said:

“It’s Matt and Jeff Hardy. They’re the greatest ever. There’s so many ways that you measure that and I know that we say it’s an opinion but at the same time this is a box office business and Matt and Jeff Hardy are the biggest box office tag team act in the history of the business.”

Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson then talked about how the ratings were different in the Attitude Era as people were buying merchandise everywhere, but they need to dream big.

The Young Bucks also said that some people compare them to The Hardy Boyz, but if people say they are better than them, then that is a crazy accomplishment. The Young Bucks also said that they don’t want to be known as the second best tag team of all time and the one thing they have on The Hardys is that they haven’t split up, so that in itself is an accomplishment, just being a tag team that never split up ever.

This is what Matt Jackson said:

“Could we ever reach those numbers that they hit? I don’t know because it’s a different time now. We’re talking about The Attitude Era when those ratings were insane and people were buying merchandise everywhere but hey, again, dream big. If one day people compare us to them and they already do compare us to them but if they say we’re better than them. Man, what a crazy accomplishment. But like Nick said, who wants to really be known as the second best tag team of all time?”

This is what Nick Jackson said:

“The one thing we have on them is we haven’t split up and they’ve had a few angles where they had to split up. So we just have to stick together and if we do, I think that’s an accomplishment in itself. Just being a tag team that never split up ever.”

The Young Bucks then talked about the challenges of being EVPs in the company and the lessons they’ve learned so far.

This is what Nick Jackson said:

“I never would have thought that we’d be doing this on a weekly basis, so I have to pinch myself every Wednesday before we go on live. So that aspect is still there. It still feels like a dream.

The hard part is the job and keeping everyone happy because you don’t even really realize it until you get into management that’s it’s hard to keep a lot of these wrestlers on the same page. Because obviously there’s a lot of egos in wrestling and you want the wrestlers to be happy and that’s something that’s hard but it’s manageable and we’ve learned that you can’t always be the good guy so at some points you have to be the bad guy.”

The Young Bucks then talked about if they pay attention to the ratings war between AEW and NXT.

This is what Matt Jackson said:

“Our fans, I’ve learned, are very loyal to us and no matter what is on we still have a good base and they’re always going to watch at this point now that we’re a little over a year in. But yeah, we definitely pay attention to everything. You have to pay attention to everything because everything is competition.”

You can check out The Young Bucks’ comments in the video below:

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