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Most Attractive WWE Superstar Revealed, According to Science

  • A new study reveals Liv Morgan and Scarlett Bordeaux as the most attractive WWE Superstars, data shows
  • The study judged via an AI attractiveness tool that uses computer vision algorithms to determine a person’s overall attractiveness
  • At the bottom of the ranking is Ilga Dragunov, a Russian-German professional wrestler

In a recent study conducted by 1337 Games, American professional wrestler, Liv Morgan is identified as the most attractive WWE superstar.

Using data from an AI-based assessment tool, which evaluates individuals’ attractiveness by analysing facial features through a Deep Neural Network, the study ranks every WWE superstar on the official website from most to least attractive.

WWE Live has returned this month and there’s always a big focus on the visuals of the competitors each year, with this study awarding each competitor an attractiveness score out of ten amidst new faces, narratives, and looks.

And it turns out the roster is objectively good-looking, with a significant portion of competitors achieved a perfect or near-perfect score out of ten.

Leading the ranking as the most attractive WWE Superstars are Liv Morgan and Scarlett Bordeaux, both esteemed American professional wrestlers, each attaining a perfect attractiveness score of ten out of ten.

Taking second spot is NXT brand American wrestler Drew Gulak and Raw brand wrestler Sonya Deville, who find themselves with an attractiveness score of 9.9.

Tiffany Stratton, Angel Garza, Arianna Grace, and Isla Dawn all take third place in the ranking, each with an impressive attractiveness score of 9.8 out of ten.

In fourth place are British wrestler Elton Price and Australian-American wrestler Nia Jax, both of whom came out with an attractiveness score of 9.7.

The two wrestlers in fifth are Irish wrestler Lyra Valkyria and Mexican wrestler Andrade El Idolo – both with a score of 9.6.

The top ten most attractive WWE Superstars

 WrestlerAttractiveness Score (Out of Ten)
1Liv Morgan10
2Scarlett Bordeaux10
3Drew Gulak9.9
4Sonya Deville9.9
5Tiffany Stratton9.8
6Angel Garza9.8
7Arianna Grace9.8
8Isla Dawn9.8
9Elton Price9.7
10Nia Jax9.7

At the other end of the ranking is Russian-German professional wrestler, Ilja Dragunov, with a low attractiveness score of just 1.1 out of ten.

In second to last spot is Brock Lesnar, a former martial artist and professional football player turned amateur wrestler, Lesner holds a score of 1.2. Austrian wrestler Gunther finds himself in third to last place, with a score of just 1.6.

Actor and professional wrestler, Cody Rhodes, who performs under the Raw brand, is fourth to last in the rankings with an overall attractiveness score of 1.7.

Finding themselves in fifth to last place in the ranking are Japanese wrestler, Akira Tozawa and American wrestler AJ Styles, who both hold a score of 2.

The ten least attractive WWE Superstars

 WrestlerAttractiveness Score (Out of Ten)
1Ilja Dragunov1.1
2Brock Lesnar1.2
4Cody Rhodes1.7
5Akira Tozawa2.0
6AJ Styles2.0
7Damien Priest3.7
8Brooks Jensen4.4
9Big E4.7
10Booker T5.0

Speaking on the findings, Emre Aksu at 1337 Games said, “In our recent WWE analysis, Liv Morgan has emerged as the standout superstar for conventional attractiveness, achieving a perfect score alongside Scarlett. Yet, the visual appeal of the stars is only part of what makes the sport so spectacular.

“This discovery not only showcases the significance of visual appeal on fan interest but also provides valuable insights for industry insiders looking for who fans admire the most – which in turn can be used to leverage advertising opportunities.”


This data presents an analysis of the overall attractiveness of current WWE stars, using an AI attractiveness tool to determine the beauty rate of each wrestler, the scores are then ranked to determine the most and least attractive stars that are featured on the WWE web page. Data is sourced from The Official Destination for WWE Superstars | WWE and Test your Attractiveness with AI (

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