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What Is Fantasy Wrestling? A Comprehensive Guide

Fantasy wrestling has gained traction as the blending of professional wrestling excitement with the strategic engagement of fantasy sports becomes more widespread. Whether you’re an avid wrestling fan or new to the world of fantasy leagues, this guide is tailored to offer a comprehensive understanding of what fantasy wrestling entails.

Definition of Fantasy Wrestling

Fantasy wrestling is a game where participants act as owners of virtual professional wrestling teams. The teams are formed by drafting real-life wrestlers, whose real-world performances are then translated into points in the fantasy league. Just like other fantasy sports, it bridges the gap between being a fan and an active participant in the game.

How Fantasy Wrestling Works

In fantasy wrestling, participants can either join an existing league or create their own. Within the league, players draft real-life wrestlers to their fantasy team and earn points based on those wrestlers’ real-world performances. Points can be scored through wins, specific in-ring maneuvers, or other criteria set by the league.

Platforms for Fantasy Wrestling

Numerous platforms host fantasy wrestling leagues, catering to different preferences and skill levels:

Creating and Joining a Fantasy Wrestling League

  1. Find a Platform: Select a platform that suits your preferences.
  2. Create/Join a League: Either start your own league or join an existing one.
  3. Invite Friends: If you’re the league manager, you can invite others to join.

Drafting Your Wrestling Roster

Drafting is a strategic element, where you select wrestlers for your team. Consider factors like a wrestler’s historical performance, injury status, and upcoming matchups.

Scoring and Rules in Fantasy Wrestling

Different leagues may have varying scoring systems and rules. Common scoring criteria include:

  • Wins: Points for match victories.
  • Specific Moves: Points for executing signature moves.
  • Promos: Points for cutting compelling promos.

Strategy and Tips for Winning

Winning in fantasy wrestling requires strategy, research, and sometimes luck:

  • Know the Wrestlers: Research wrestlers’ stats and recent performances.
  • Stay Active: Regularly update your roster based on current events.

Benefits of Playing Fantasy Wrestling

  • Social Interaction: Connect with fellow wrestling fans.
  • Strategic Thinking: Enhances decision-making skills.
  • Entertainment: Adds a new layer of engagement to watching wrestling.

Real Testimonials from Fantasy Wrestling Players

Real-life experiences from players showcase the thrill and engagement fantasy wrestling offers.


  • Is Fantasy Wrestling Free?: Many platforms offer free entry with optional premium features.
  • How Much Time Does It Require?: Depending on your involvement, it can be a casual or more time-intensive hobby.

Fantasy wrestling offers a new and exciting way for wrestling fans to engage with the sport they love. From drafting a winning team to competing with friends, it’s a multifaceted experience filled with thrill and strategy. Whether you’re a seasoned wrestling fan or just exploring this new arena, step into the world of fantasy wrestling and elevate your fandom to a whole new level.

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