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5 Reasons to Become a Pro Wrestling Fan

Have you ever been a fan of something? Maybe you are into some music artists so much that instead of doing your homework, you are going through – although you know it by heart – their biography on Wikipedia. Or, maybe, you are into a sport so much that you only feel good playing. And the world simply doesn’t exist when the sporting event is on TV. 

Maybe you are into football or boxing. You’ve probably even learned how to write essays while watching a boxing match. But such events demand complete devotion, and you’re grateful for the best custom writings service where you can order your essays. And you may think about becoming a combat sportsman yourself. 

But there’s one problem with the majority of combat sports. They are extremely traumatic and often lead to injury or death. When it comes to boxing, at least five hundred boxers died in the ring or due to injuries sustained during the match over the last hundred years – and the most recent death occurred in 2022. And it makes you wonder if there are any combat sports that are not traumatic? Here are some:

  • Athletics
  • Performing Art
  • Entertainment

Is there a combat sport that is a performing art? Yes, and it is called professional wrestling. It’s a combination of combat sport and theatrical performance. This means that you get the same level of entertainment as when watching any other combat sporting event, but no one ends up being seriously injured – or dead. 

While you can say that it doesn’t make sense or question the point of watching a scripted sporting event, it has all the attributes of contact sports. Don’t you like all the melodrama around boxing matches? Feuds between the boxers? Sure you do. And professional wrestlers can be quite as famous as boxers. Now, let’s delve into all the reasons behind becoming a pro wrestling fan. 

Battle of Good Against Evil

If you enjoy superhero movies, then you surely will like professional wrestling. At the very core, it’s a battle between the good and the bad. It has the classy form of superhero comic books and movies. Do you like watching Superman or Batman defeating a villain? Well, that’s what you will get from watching a pro wrestling match. 

If you get a little bit bored of the modern superhero movies that tend to become more and more complicated instead of being a straight battle of good against evil, you will surely love pro wrestling. 

Unpredictable Despite Being Scripted

You may still wonder why you should watch pro wrestling if it’s scripted and you know what will happen. First, ask yourself how often you read what’s going to happen to this or that character on the TV show midway through it? You do it often, but it doesn’t spoil your whole impression of the show. Secondly, being scripted doesn’t mean being predictable. 

Just like any other sporting event, professional wrestling is quite unpredictable. And, knowing the outcome doesn’t mean that you know everything that will happen throughout the match – it still leaves you flabbergasted. And the fact that it was scripted, but was unpredictable nonetheless, leaves you even more astonished. 

If you talk with pro wrestling fans, especially those who have been following it for several decades, they will tell you that they never know what will happen. You may think that you can predict what’s going to happen, but each new match will surprise you with new plot twists. 

It Requires More Athleticism Than Other Sports


Regarding all the storytelling aspects of the previous two points, you may start thinking that professional wrestling is nothing more than just a male soap opera. Yes, every pro wrestling event tells a specific story, starting with all the feuds between the wrestlers and culminating in the psychology of the in-ring activities. At the same time, it’s not only about storytelling.

Professional wrestling is physically demanding. Wrestlers do a lot of flips and acrobatics, which can be quite hard for representatives of any other sport. A baseball player or a boxer can practice those flips for ages and still won’t be able to repeat them in the ring. Thus, professional wrestling requires a lot of athleticism—possibly more than other sports of this kind. 

Wrestlers Are Passionate About Their Craft

If you are a fan of any kind of sports, you most likely heard other fans complaining about this or that boxer, football, or basketball player, saying they are into their sport for the sake of money and fame. Whether it’s true or not, the fame various types of sports can bring surely raises such suspicions. And it’s something that doesn’t happen in pro wrestling. 

Becoming a wrestler means that you are passionate about the craft. The fact that wrestling is quite an unstable business makes it almost impossible for wrestlers doing it for the love of money. There are not many opportunities for becoming a millionaire and seeing your face on billboards. 

The Most Fan-Centric Sports

Despite gathering thousands of fans, most sporting events are more about the game or the fight. Sending your opponent outside the ring is more important than what fans feel. Scoring a new goal is done for the sake of the game and not for the fans’ sake. But when it comes to professional wrestling, it’s all about the fans. 

Pro wrestling fans are pretty much part of the action. Everything that happens in the ring is meant to generate a reaction from the fans. It is designed to entertain the audience. As, once again, it’s partly performing art and partly combat sport. That’s why the happiness or anger of the fans matters more here than in any other sport. 

Final Thoughts

Wrestling is one of the best types of entertainment as it is a bit of everything—storytelling mixed with impressive physical performance. Every match is an unpredictable and breathtaking event. You can start by watching an actual match or Darren Aronofsky’s “The Wrestler,” which garnered several Academy Awards nominations. 

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