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Famous Couples in Wrestling

Wonder who are those famous wrestlers who started dating with partners from the same field. Whether you are a doctor or actor, financial expert or sports lover, how amazing it is to date a person who is on the same wave as you, when you can discuss topics that you both are experts in!

Why is it Convenient to Date People from the Same Business

Dating people from the same field is convenient for you and your partner. To talk about the famous couples who are both wrestlers, let us go through some points why it is better to date people from the same profession and check out famous couples in wrestling:

  • Understanding — you can understand the timings and problems your partner is going through during their work. You can have a meaningful conversation with them about the problems, and they might be able to provide you with a proper solution. You do not have to explain the same thing over and over to your partner.
  • At-the-table discussion — you can have discussions about the work performed to do better next time. Such a discussion can only be done with someone who understands the work you do. And such people are the ones who do the same work as you.
  • No time issues — some professions demand long working hours or working hours that require you to stay back late at night. When your partner is from the same business, he/she will not argue why you are late or what is this time you are coming.

Famous Wrestling Couples

You might have seen some of these wrestlers fight as couples. While most of it was an act, sometimes they find true love among each other. So following are some of the famous real-life wrestling couples:

  • Cody and Brandi Rhodes
  • Britt Baker and Adam Cole
  • Frankie Kazarian and Traci Brooks
  • Bea Priestley and Will Ospreay

The list of famous wrestling couples goes on and on. Many are currently dating or even married. Like other people, not all the wrestlers are monogamous. They may be in non-exclusive and open relationships. Experts from onenightfriend reviews express the idea that polyamory is not something bad when all the parties concerned are on the same page about it.

Cody and Brandi Rhodes

Cody and Brandi Rhodes are well known for their WWE championships, which they are no longer a part of. They were wrestling in 2013 WWE when they met each other and could not keep their eyes off each other.

Cody Rhodes describes how he fell in love with her at the parking lot. Cody was into her for a long time, and as they were leaving, he hugged Brandi, and she blew air in his ear. That was the moment when he knew it in his heart she was the one. It took months after that moment, but it was a significant moment for them. They tied the knot in September 2013, and they are steady and happy in their marriage. They run the AEW together and are one of the most influential wrestling couples.

Britt Baker and Adam Cole

They are the perfect example of a perfect couple in the same profession. Although they represent opposite brands, they have strong bonds. They don’t let their competition come into the relationship.

Commonly, they get questions regarding their relationship and them being on the opposite side of the game. Britt came forward to being on the opposite brands and is not troubling her relationship. She also mentioned that Adam is the biggest supporter and counselor when she has problems.

Frankie Kazarian and Traci Brooks

Their relationship is typical on and off a relationship that people constantly gossip about. But it is natural, especially when you belong to the same field; you are bound to have issues. There are also rumors suggesting that Frankie was involved with someone else.

It is not publicly clear whether they were into polyamory or an open relationship or not. Frankie is happy that she married former TNA knockout Traci Brooks who had many more days in WWE. Traci has been a constant support and guidance through the tough times for Frankie.

Bea Priestley and Will Ospreay

Bea Priestley and Will Osprey are currently in a relationship. They started dating in 2016 after they met at a wrestling event in the UK, and it was love at first sight. They knew instantly that the attraction they felt for each other was not casual. They also wrestled together against Ricochet and Tessa Blanchard in 2017. It was a sensational match.

Is it Possible to Date an AEW Wrestler?

Dating an AEW wrestler is possible, but it is not an easy task. Even the couples mentioned above talked about their struggles when they are in a relationship. For example, Traci Brooks said, “it is not easy being a wrestler’s wife”.

Most of the couples marry within a year or two after dating. While most couples find it hard to maintain the relationship, these wrestling couples have maintained their relationships quite well. So if you have been dreaming of dating a person from the same field, we can see that wrestling couples cope with all issues easily thanks to the common professional ground!

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