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Female Pro-Wrestling Is Growing. Here’s What You Need to Know

Professional wrestling is a favorite entertainment for many people all over the world. It is engaging, exciting, and extremely dynamic. One of the main reasons why is the ability to change and evolve. Lately, female pro wrestling has been growing in popularity, and it is all the rage now.

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The Big Turn

Female pro wrestling has existed for quite a time. Women’s division has existed since 1937, but it never got as much attention as it gets now.

For the longest time, pro wrestling was all about masculinity being in the spotlight. But now the trend is changing. Surely, it is early to say that they have the same opportunities right now. But overall female professionals have been gaining more attention in the last couple of years.

Probably the major turn happened in 2015. WWE made a decision to revitalize its women’s division by taking a new approach to it. Before that, it was mainly about models playing roles. Now, the independent contractors got to take their chances.

In October 2015, the first women’s match headlined the main event held by WWE. Bayley against Sasha Banks was the big breakthrough that needed to happen long ago.

And in the next year, a new WWE Women’s Championship was started. It brought a lot of new names and exciting matches with excellent performance and dramatics. This turning point in the sport was named Women’s Revolution later to signify a new chapter.

Since then, it has only gotten better. Women-led matches are featured in major events and pay-per-view entertainment as well. In 2019, Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, and Charlotte Flair made it to the Winner Takes All for the Raw and SmackDown. It was the first time for women stars to reach this level of an event.

Current State

Now the women’s division for major promotions and indie performers is as exciting as ever. The focus is actually on the talent, stamina, and engaging feuds. Surely, the situation is far from perfect concerning gender salary gaps and opportunities. However, it is a great time for female protagonists to showcase their skills and character in a new way.

Currently, the trends are:

  • Amateur women’s wrestling has become one of the fastest-growing sports in US schools and colleges. Surely, it is not the same as the pro league, but it shows the overall turn in gender representation in previously male-dominated sports;
  • Female amateur and professional wrestling have been growing at the same rate since the 90s. Now 27 colleges offer relevant scholarships for girls;
  • In 2021, Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa were the first women to compete in the AEW Dynamite main event;
  • Lita has announced her return, which is exciting news. She is already a legend of the Attitude Era and has a significant influence;
  • In 2021 Dark and Dark Elevation gave a spotlight to new names and new wrestlers;
  • WWE claims that 40% of its audience is women, which is also a major factor in this change. A lot of them are girls that want to be wrestlers when they grow up.

Overall, the shift happened on all levels, slowly but surely. Of course, the cliché storylines about boyfriend problems are still there. But there is also a place for new narratives, exciting rosters, and more diverse matches.

And with all the amazing announcements, one might find time to check and follow some of the pro wrestlers that are going to be huge soon. Some are more known than others, but all of them are incredible in what they do.

Women Wrestlers to Look Out for

Tootie Lynn

She debuted in 2017, the same year she started her career. NWA was her big break into the spotlight. She has also appeared in MPW and AEW. Lynn has a unique and authentic style as well as a spark to her character. There is definitely more to come for her and the fans.

Alex Windsor

Windsor is an experienced wrestler. She has been a regular in the British scene since 2009. But due to the injuries, she had to step out of it for three years. However, in 2022 Windsor has returned as strong as ever. Even before that, she had been called one of the most interesting emerging talents. Currently, Alex has got RevPro Undisputed British Women’s title.

Queen Aminata

She started out in the Indies before making a name and moving to promotions. Queen Aminata is athletic, charismatic, and incredibly skilled. In 2021 she appeared in a couple of AEW events, which has given her more well-deserved attention from the public.

Her career started in 2017; she also went to train in Japan under Chigusa Nagayo. So she has got some cool techniques to show.

Starlight Kid

Starlight Kid is a prodigy because she started pro wrestling only at the age of 14. Now she is 20 years old and already has great experience as well as skills and techniques. It seems that she can do anything on the ring sometimes. She has great potential to get to the stardom soon.

Roxanne Perez

Roxanne joined WWE in 2022. But she has already been caught in the public eye for some time. She was among the most charismatic protagonists of NXT. She has a unique appeal and a lot of tricks up her sleeve.

In Summary

Female pro wrestling has gained more popularity because it’s exciting, dramatic, and more diverse than ever before. Both promotions and indies are interested in young talent that can win the audience’s hearts.

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