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How Wrestling Icon Steve “Sting” Borden Overcame Addiction

Drug abuse in sports is not uncommon. Athletes use various substances to improve their performance, treat physical injuries, deal with pressure, and cope with mental challenges.

Hence, the most popular types of drugs in sports are performance-enhancers (anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, etc.), painkillers and prescription medicine (OxyContin, Vicodin), stimulants (amphetamine, methamphetamine, Adderall), and drugs like marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine.

Occasional use can quickly evolve into a problematic one when people start to look for excuses to keep taking the drug of choice, ways to mask the problem, or have detox drinks for drug test (AddictionResoure provides info).

One survey revealed that at some point of their career 52% of professional football players used opiates and 9% used anabolic steroids. 35%-40% of professional baseball players reported using smokeless tobacco over the past year.

The addiction to alcohol or drugs can transform a person into a total wreck. It may seem that the control over your life is gone and can’t be regained. It’s a false illusion. Let’s take a look at Steve Borden’s inspiring story of addiction recovery. 

Getting to the top

Steve Borden (better known by the ring name Sting) is regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. He has had an iconic career in pro wrestling, whether it’s his performance in WCW, TNA or even WWE. The athlete has held the WCW World Title 10 times and multiple other titles.

Beginning with his debut in 1987, Sting brought an energetic charisma to the ring with his impressive physique and extraordinary appearance – bleach-blond hair, bright face paint, and neon ring attire. In 1996, his image became more enigmatic and memorable. He adopted a darker personality with black and white makeup and gear.

Aside from his unique look and crazy charisma, Borden’s skills also evolved. He became one of the top performers in the business. Even wrestling fans who preferred WWE over WCW liked to watch Sting in action.

Sting out of the ring

Behind the scenes, Sting wasn’t that infectious entertainer that he portrayed in the ring. Despite being on the career peak, making more money than he knew what to do with and having an army of fans (including females willing to spend the night with their crush), Borden was unhappy.

When Sting wasn’t grappling with Hulk Hogan or Andre the Giant, he had to deal with burnout due to 340 tour days per year. He suffered from intense loneliness due to separation from his wife and children. Also, he had some serious injuries. The wild makeup hid depression and subsequent drugs and alcohol abuse.

Faith in God is the solution

In their interview, Steve Borden and his wife Sue revealed the truth about substance abuse. When the wrestler began to lose control of his life and his family, he made a confession to his wife. It was in August of 1998. Steve told Sue that he was taking prescription drugs and drinking alcohol and was also honest on everything that came along with that.

The confession was the beginning of a process that brought the self-sufficient and proud champion to his knees. Despite the shock, Sue didn’t leave. She encouraged the husband to go to rehab. But he refused.

Steve’s brother was a Christian. And for years, he had been telling Steve about God’s love. And in one of the August evenings, Steve finally made a decision to ask Him for help.

Borden remembers admitting that he can’t change his life on his own. He prayed and said “I need You to come save my life, save my marriage… I’m going to live my life for You from this day forward.”

Suddenly, Steve was a completely different man from the moment of confessing, says Sue. God came and healed his addiction and restored their marriage.

Steve also kept his word. In 2001, he left professional wrestling to serve God. It happened shortly after the infamous match against Hulk Hogan that broke a USA record for pay-per-view buys. Borden started to travel the world as a motivational speaker, conveying his life experiences and spiritual guidance. He returned to pro wrestling in 2014 after long persuasion.

Don’t lose hope

If you have any problems with alcohol or drugs and don’t know what to do, start with a confession, like Sting. Admitting a problem is the first important step to recovery. Steve Borden didn’t deny the addiction and told his wife and then God about it.

The second step is seeking and getting help. Steve managed to quit cold turkey and attributes his success to his belief in God and his faith. However, he doesn’t belittle the success of the 12-step program. “But I did a one-step program to Jesus Christ”, he says.

Everyone has their own path to recovery. God can help everyone. But maybe you need to complete a traditional treatment program with His help.

You may need a detox cleanse drink at the start of your recovery process. What is a body cleanse drink?

The prolonged use of drugs and alcohol causes toxins to build up in the body and harm bodily organs, tissues, and other systems, which results in an array of health problems. Detoxification allows getting rid of addictive substances and residues in the body. 

So, detox drinks are believed to fasten the process of cleansing. The range of this product is impressive. The most popular are The Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse and The Ultimate Detox Cleansing Drink. Natural cleansers include smoothies (with plenty of berries, avocado, grapefruit, and spinach), lemon juice, cranberry juice, and apple cider vinegar.

Substance abusers often seek ways of cheating drug tests. It can happen when they have to pass one to get a job (pre-employment test) or to keep their position (random or annual tests conducted by some companies). Aside from the fact that it is risky and illegal, no detox for drug test has a proven result.

For long-term addicts, trying to detox on their own can be difficult and dangerous without medical assistance. Supervised cleansing offered by respectable rehab centers increases a patient’s chances for long-term cleanup and sobriety, especially in combination with behavioral therapy, medication, and post-rehab support. ufabet

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