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Wrestling Theme in Online Slots and Casinos

Online slot machines are designed on diverse themes. Everyone has different hobbies and so there are also different machines that are decorated with symbols and images that correspond to these interests and appeal to different tastes.

As a wrestler or fan of wrestling, it is natural to look for online slots and casinos that correspond to this hobby and depict well-known motifs of the sport.

So, after intensive research on the Internet and analysing the best online casino bonuses in Philippines for these games, we gathered our full knowledge to explain to you everything you need to know before starting the first round at a wrestling-themed slot. Interested? Well, then let’s get ready to rumble!

From a Historical and Marketing Perspective

With so much presence of sports on the Internet, and even in online casinos, no one is surprised to see wrestling among the favorites. Over the years, wrestling itself has had a big presence in video games, be it with games like WWE 2K20 or even the original Nintendo game called Nintendo’s Pro Wrestling that was released in 1986.

This has made the gaming community accustomed to the entertainment giant, and software providers have been very attentive to this evolution. Hence the incorporation of wrestling into games such as slots was just a natural step to attract new players and young minds, who were looking for something to relate to while playing some online money.

It just goes to show that when something catches on, slots are a great example. Just take for example the ranking in search engines, which gives the games the necessary boost, especially if it is related to a famous character. From a marketing perspective, this is an excellent strategy, especially if the software provider has been able to keep up with the current iGaming market.

Software Providers and Personalities that Result in the Best Slots

It is true that there are a few slots that do not make the cut. What is crucial for wrestling slots to work is that they are labeled as “John Cena Slot”. Here a software provider has to look at the trends and focus on a younger generation of players who are ready for all the ultra-modern technology.

These players don’t just want to play a few rounds to make a few bucks, they want to immerse themselves in the experience of the sport. This is where each game can shine with its own features, which makes this genre of slots even more interesting than others.

The biggest names in the industry to get into wrestling slots have been Microgaming and NextGen. These two are known not only for filling their games with bonus features, but they are also experts in amazing graphics and sounds. And where do you see all that? Well, in games like the Andre the Giant slot for example.

This game is light years ahead of other similar games like Big John Stud or Hulk Hogan, since its paylines or hidden rounds are outstanding. Two more slots that we have to mention at all costs are Nacho Libre or Karate Pig. These not only have even more paylines, but also come with winnings that are hard to beat.

How Casinos and Bonuses Treat Wrestling-Themed Slots

As if the slots that entertain thousands of fans at online casinos were not enough, there are also a few bonus games for wrestling fans to play. These bonuses are not necessarily limited to these games but are certainly part of a bundle of slots available so that you can use for example welcome bonuses or no deposit bonuses.

If you don’t know what we are talking about here, don’t worry. We are going to explain you our two favorite bonuses that you can get for your first session of the best wrestling-themed slots:

  • Welcome Bonus: This is undoubtedly the most common bonus and the one that most attracts new players. It often consists of match bonuses, free spins, or even cashback. What you must do to get one, let’s say a 200% bonus, is to deposit money for the first time in the casino and the casino will give it to you right away.
  • No Deposit Bonuses: One of the most famous bonuses nowadays is the one that allows you to play for free, with real money, without having to deposit anything. This implies that there is no risk for the players since the casino literally gives you a certain amount of money to use in selected games.


As you can see, it is a logical step for software providers and also online casinos to offer wrestling slots. Given the fame of the sport, thousands of players look for slots of their favorite wrestlers on a daily basis and thus, win a good sum of money while having fun.

In addition, since there are more and more new providers trying to gain a foothold in the market, as well as casinos, we will surely see more and more bonuses and titles. This will guarantee fun until the end of our days, or at least until we win a jackpot! joker123

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