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MMA fighters whose mic skills rival the best wrestlers

Mixed martial arts and pro wrestling are entirely different sports and yet eerily similar. For one, MMA fighters promote their fights the same way wrestlers do: through the microphone. It is no surprise that many MMA fighters develop mic skills that rival the best wrestlers.

MMA fighters, led by Conor McGregor, have used their spot at microphone to further their careers. They can also use it to psychologically break down their opponents and win fights.

Fighters who shine on the mic should be a hot bet in UFC betting sites and could be superstars on the rise.

We’re not insinuating these MMA fighters would succeed in AEW or pro wrestling, but their transition would be a lot smoother.

Top MMA fighters who could talk like the best wrestlers

Some names on this list are fairly obvious, but we factored in three main categories in distinguishing MMA fighters’ mic skills: 1) delivery; 2) humour/wit; and 3) creativity.

The best fighters and wrestlers have all three of these in spades:

1. Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen Workout by cedorris is licensed under CC BY NC SA 20

The most obvious MMA fighter when talking about “mic skills” is “Uncle” Chael Sonnen. While he never did win the UFC championship, he managed to “talk his way” to having not one, not two, but three championship fights.

The longtime MMA vet blew up during his meetings with the great Anderson Silva, who he systematically destroyed on the mic. Although he couldn’t finish the job (twice), his skills with the mic earned him a major following.

Sonnen gets almost everything right on the mic. He enunciates his words and strikes the right balance of bravado so he is both funny and believable.

If Sonnen lacks one thing on the mic, it’s that it becomes obvious he’s just “hamming” it up. He doesn’t take everything he says to heart although he could turn it up a notch in a wrestling ring.

2. Conor McGregor

McGregor needs little introduction and is in many ways, just like Sonnen when it comes to the mic. He has a methodical approach to his microphone blasting. It’s not just “all talk” (he also backs it up in the octagon).

The brash Irishman is a master student when it comes to psychoanalyzing his opponents, which would translate effectively to pro wrestling.

McGregor figures out what his opponents hate, what they fear, and what their habits are. Then in as colourfully an offensive way as he can, he’ll sling it all at them without mercy.

But unlike Sonnen, McGregor actually believes everything he says. It’s this passion and belief that has made his trash talk so effective that it is inspiring a new generation of fighters and wrestlers alike.

3. Michael Bisping

<strong><em>Michael Bisping <em><strong><em>by Nate Lindaman is licensed under <strong>CC BY 30<strong><em>

Bisping is the unheralded but otherwise successful English counterpart of McGregor. Long in the UFC before the Irishman, Bisping slowly developed his mic skills.

Graduating from the third season of The Ultimate Fighter, Bisping had such a thick British accent that you needed subtitles to understand what he was saying.

But “The Count” was always creative in his insults. He may not be as meticulous as Sonnen or McGregor when it comes to the jabs, but he might be quicker to the draw.

Bisping’s quick wit and emphatic deliveries have made many of his opponents look foolish and even in retirement, he brings that same pizzazz to his commentary. Thank you!

4. Israel Adesanya

“Izzy” has it all: exciting fighting style, a brilliant nickname, and the penchant for showbiz. Adesanya not only knocks fighters out but savagely undresses them behind the mic too.

Adesanya lives up to his “Stylebender” nickname with his promos as much as he is with his fighting. He can lay down an honest truth directed at news reporters or he can drop a jocular jab at his next opponent.

What’s great with Adesanya is he gets more loose on the mic as time goes on. He isn’t shy, but he’s also improving on how he delivers his lines.

What gives him an edge over the likes of McGregor and Bisping is that he addresses his fans at a down-to-earth level almost as if he was in a chatroom at Twitch.

5. Nate Diaz

While Diaz may laugh at the thought of pro wrestling, he may accidentally become a big superstar in it not unlike his rise in the UFC.

Diaz, along with his brother Nick, has carried a dedicated following thanks to both their mic skills and their “keeping it real” personality. There is no fake drama or trash talk for the sake of here. It’s just all Diaz.

In analyzing Diaz’s trash talk, it’s hit-or-miss. Sometimes he’ll say something barely coherent, but sometimes he’ll drop something profound. It’s like a bag of jellybeans with him.

“I’m not surprised, motherf*****” will forever live among the greatest post-fight promos anywhere.

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