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Popular Wrestlers Who Played Casino Games

For some time WWE was very popular, and its members are world legends. Most wrestlers are popular frontmen of one of the most famous projects in the entertainment industry. In addition to wrestling, they engaged in many other entertainments. For example, many of them were active gamblers. That’s why LeafletCasino experts have analyzed and prepared a review of shots that are fond of playing in online casinos.

Why are Wrestlers often Gambling?

WWE RAW 25 years evokes pictures of blood, anger, violence and injuries. This is a dangerous sport in which wrestlers dedicate their lives and attention, and it is a form of escape from this. Most of them dedicate their free time to play games and get associated with slot casinos. The glitz and glamor involved Vegas lights and slot machines becoming a medium to relax and unwind.

Wrestlers are casino-heads, according to casinoscout. They sometimes love to use wrestling online games to cool off and reanalyze their play. Many slot casinos enable wrestling betting, and it is widely believed that these services only need a few dollars to access. While some have suffered from becoming addicts. Take the case of heavyweight J.R. Plienis, who accrued several violations and had to borrow to pay his debt. However, some others have made more money and created wealth from it.

While it is said that WWE is scripted, its celebrity figures are also figureheads. As several of them take part in blackjack, craps, slot, and a list of other extra new 2022 revolution card games listed in the android app on iPhone. Here is a list of wrestlers who played gambling.

John Cena

A Superstar and an iconic wrestler. One of the few names that come to mind immediately after the idea of WWE is evoked. He is an avid lover of the slot casino and its culture. He loves playing online and offline. And according to an interview with the bluff magazine, he once stated that he enjoys slot blackjack, slot Texas Hold’em player and others. As a rapper and actor, he starred in Suicide Squad and pro-wrestler. He lived most of his youth in East Newbury, Massachusetts and won the championship in 2006.

He went on to win twelve later on. Interestingly, the star John Cena became interested in slot and Poker at the time online casinos started becoming a growing business. During this time, the online poker gaming world was in its advancement.

Jeff Hardy

A slot legend amongst the outstanding League of Royalties and most successful performers. WWE star Jeff was previously an ardent lover of the motocross game and a badass motocross rider. Born in Cameron, he is a multifaceted individual who took part in college football, wrestling and basketball. He had to pick one of the three sports, eventually. It ended up being the best pick.

He has a record of career success, for he won over six WWE championships. Like Cena, Jeff enjoys playing Poker and blackjack slots. His personality also has similarities as he enjoys huge stakes stunts and risky situations. He is a keen follower of the world series of poker and the peacemaker TV series.

Dana White

White is the President of Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC, also known to be an enthusiast. He is known to be a man who comes to the table with high stakes. Knowledge and big money with an affiliation with luck too. Considering that he is good at online casino games, his wager is $25,000. Dana is a brilliant slot blackjack player with a great understanding of mathematics and strategy. Once at Palm Casino, White was banned from playing slot blackjack after being placed on special restrictions to reduce his winning chances. The main reason for the effect of this ban was due to the number of huge winnings he had made. His winnings went as far as $5million.

After meeting Bob Meyrowitz during the training period for Tito Ortiz, he joined forces with the Fertitta brothers and created what is known as the United Fighting Championship UFC today. He is also very prolific for his significant roles in professional wrestling. He combines his philosophies and plays with higher stakes.

White was criticized for organizing slots casino games and fights between players during the pandemic’s peak. With a reputation for taking risks and being partly reckless, Dana maintains the same energy in the UFC. With a high online stakes gamble, he is a prolific figure who knows what needs to be done.

John Morrison

Another iconic fighter with a passion for slot gambling, Morrison was nicknamed Johnny Blaze over the years by fans. As a formidable wrestler, he has competed and won several championships. He is a native of LA and studied geology. He loves playing Blackjack; Texas Hold’em Poker, Roulette, and Poker with a sound knowledge of casino Battle Royale rules to go with.

In addition to his career as a wrestler and poker player, John also competed in Lucha Underground and Lucha Fiber. He was once spotted at a Las Vegas slot escalator doing a split. Profiled as a risk-taker with an elite player’s mindset, he sometimes drops game odds for picks. Besides wrestling, John Morrison has also been involved in movies and television. He has worked as a producer, actor and stuntman. He was also a contestant on the 37th season of Survivor, a reality show that emphasizes survival. He also was a winner of Tough Enough III, and in April 2005, he was called up to the SmackDown roster under the ring name Johnny Nitro.


Although some of the greatest WWE wrestlers enjoy playing casino games, it is a common act affiliated with their profession. With the rise of virtual gaming with connected android apps, alongside tools to get alerts & stay connected. Some have been known to watch the world series and several other forms of online casino gaming. And while we might be tempted to conclude that they are doing the casino game too much, let us remind ourselves first that they are humans. Thus, they love and find fun in what we do too.

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