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Double or Nothing: Casino Battle Royale Rules

A wrestling match is like a casino slot machine. You’re trying to hit a big payday with a signature move. There’s an element of danger. There are gaudy costumes. And defeat is inevitable. There are many similarities between wrestling and gambling.

This article will explain to you the rules of the famous Double or Nothing match while giving you hints on gambling games.

Double or Nothing in Casino

Casino and wrestling are two things that have been related to each other for a long time. People who love wrestling also love to visit casinos frequently. There are many similarities between these two things, which is why they both attract the same kind of audience, and people who visit one place usually visit the other as well.

Casino Game

If you’ve ever visited a casino, you’re probably familiar with some of the game options available. Blackjack, craps, and roulettes are all staples in any gambling establishment and extremely popular game choices. But have you ever played a game called double or nothing? For those who haven’t, it’s a game that’s quite similar to blackjack, but slightly different in its rules. To play it, it’s important to read reviews of instant withdrawal casino Australia, because this way, your potential double earnings will come to you instantly thanks to great bonuses. This is especially important if you play in online casinos. You want your withdrawal to be instant.

Casino Battle Royale Rules

However, in the world of wrestling, the game looks different. Casino Battle Royale is a professional wrestling match held by the AEW (All Elite Wrestling). Some of the most famous names associated with that organization include Joey Janela, known as Kid Suicide, or Brian Pillman Jr.- son of a famous wrestler. To win the Casino Battle Royale, there are several rules to follow. Here you will find all of them explained for you.

Rules of Casino Battle Royale

• To win the Casino Battle Royale and get a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championship, one tag team must throw over the top rope both opponents of the other tag-team

• Every 90 seconds there’s a new tag team entering the scene

• Order in which tag teams are matching is decided by lottery

• The match won’t end until there’s only one competitor or tag team left on the stage

Other Events Held by AEW

While Double or Nothing is one of the most popular and biggest AEW shows, that was first held in 2019, AEW has few other exciting options available. For all wrestling fans, matches like AEW Revolution- professional AEW event, that compromised of nine professional and exciting wrestling matches.

Those events are a perfect opportunity for all wrestling fans to get some adrenaline and fantastic sport emotions, very similar to the thrill they could get by gambling. The uncertainty of who will win and emotional attachment make it a great addition to already existing gambling games.

Besides wrestling events held by AEW, there are also other matches, such as Royal Rumble. This particular professional wrestling even is held by WWE since 1988. Its long history created a huge fanbase that is very attached to its favorite fighters, just like each professional gambler has its favorite casino machine.

Wrestling and Casino Games

There’s a lot of casino games themed with wrestling. It’s a very popular and emotional sport, so it’s easy to understand why casinos would want to use it to their advantage.

Wrestling never really goes out of style, and it seems like there’s always something new that brings the sport back into the public eye. That’s why if you enjoy watching wrestling matches but also want to learn how to play blackjack online, this is a perfect place for you to start.

The most basic thing that gambling and wrestling share is emotions.

There are very few things that are more exciting for the mass public than dangerous fights in-ring and playing with money to win more. That’s why it’s a very common view to see casino machines themed in WWE or AEW style, with music and famous fighters on them. Great way to join your passion for wrestling with great gambling fun!

Rules of Blackjack

When it comes to gaming, there’s a lot of casino games themed with wrestling. So, it’s a great idea to try your luck with either of these. But if you want to focus on blackjack, you can always learn it online.

Blackjack is probably the most well-known casino game in the world. The rules are simple, and the game is easy to learn. Playing blackjack online is a great way to make money at home while sitting at your computer. If you enjoy the thrill of gambling, then it’s a great option for you. Simply find a trust-worthy website that will offer you a low-deposit starting point.

Once you’re more confident in your skills, it’s time to try playing with bigger money. Blackjack also offers the Double or Nothing options, in which you play for a chance to win double of your deposit. That’s a shot of adrenaline as big as watching your favorite wrestlers play for the AEW World Championship!


Both wrestling matches, like one held by AEW and gambling, attract adrenaline-hungry people. That’s no surprise. If you want to experience both of those emotional events at the same time, you can opt for online casinos with wrestling-themed machines.

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