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Pro Wrestling Highlights of Extreme Rules 2022

Wrestling is an interesting sport as it gives a shot to all sorts of opponents. The bigger guy doesn’t necessarily win, as the smaller guy can have better technique. That’s why pro wrestling is so popular. This kind of wrestling has a variety of male and female wrestlers that have a signature look and moves, or rather finishers.

The WWE is one of the most popular leagues of wrestling which is why lots of platforms cover it. People all over the world enjoy wrestling and some of them even like to bet on it. Wrestling has also inspired lots of video games as well as slots at online casinos. In fact, some of the best real money casinos have slots with a wrestling theme.

Recently there was an Extreme Rules event at WWE and some interesting things happened. If you missed it by any chance here are the highlights of that event:

Ronda Rousey Dethrones Liv Morgan

When you hear a name like Ronda Rousey, then you think of UFC right? Although she was a capable fighter that beat pretty much everyone she faced, she suffered a catastrophic defeat. She had been away for a while and she decided to make an appearance at a WWE event. She took on none other than Liv Morgan.

The match had its fair share of interesting moments, like the one where Morgan destroyed a table with Ronda. However, Ronda has more experience under her belt which is why she was able to beat Morgan with an arm bar. And that’s how Ronda became a champion and Morgan went to a dark depressing place.

The Brawling Brutes Defeat Imperium

You can think of the Brawling Brutes as a group of tough Irish lads refusing to back down when the odds are against their favor. In September Holland and Butch decided to duke it out, but their match was unsuccessful because Imperium intervened. The Extreme Rules event had a lovely 6-man match where the Imperium and The Brawling Brutes could settle their differences. The Brutes were in a row with several victories under their belts which is why they managed to snag another one after defeating Imperium. It seems there is such a thing called the luck of the Irish.

Edge Sends Finn Balor Over the Edge

But the luck of the Irish was nowhere to be found when Finn Balor got in the ring with the Edge. Now, Edge is an experienced pro wrestler that has a lot of knowledge and skill which is why he showed Balor and all the spectators why no one messes with him. He faced him in the “I Quit” match and he walked away victorious.

Daniel Cormier Makes an Appearance

You can think of UFC fighters and pro wrestlers as two sides of a coin. They both undergo extensive training before they step into the ring. The Extreme Rules event didn’t just have Ronda in the WWE, but Daniel Cormier as well. But he didn’t take part in the matches as he was a special guest referee.

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