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The new WWE female phenomenon

For women, WWE is the future. Wrestling League gave a stage to two highly regarded performers who had not yet played a leading role in the main shows RAW and SmackDown: Rhea Ripley, who had a guest appearance against WrestleMania last year Charlotte Flair gave, and Bianca Belair – who made her main squad debut there less than a year ago.

Belair was able to take the victory in the end and thus crowned her ascent of the past months.

Who is the woman with hair that reaches the floor and is tied in a braid in the ring and used as a weapon?

Bianca Belair excelled in hurdles and CrossFit.

The 31-year-old Belair (Bianca Nicole Blair Crawford) is one of the most striking appearances at WWE in sheer athleticism, across all genders. She was an outstanding all-American hurdler in college, a fitness model, powerlifter, and CrossFit competitor. She had to give up the latter because she suffered from Tietze syndrome, cartilage damage to the ribs.

WWE legend and ex-Olympic weightlifter Mark Henry – who had become aware of Bel-Air through his past as a powerlifter – gave Belair a trial training session at WWE. She passed, and in 2016 she signed a contract and retrained to become a wrestler at the WWE Performance Center. Keep in mind that Bianca is very active on Instagram, and she markets herself there perfectly. Bianca’s Instagram marketing and presence is on another level. Every WWE performer can follow her foot-steps and learn how to market with himself/herself on social media to get more recognition in a short period.

Many examples before and after Belair have shown that the transition from top athlete to top wrestler is by no means a matter of course. However, Belair quickly internalized the peculiarities of the trade and expanded their sporting facilities to a brilliant mixture of ring craft, charisma, the talent for speech and esprit.

The integration of her pigtail used as a whip into her matches was an additional help in attracting attention – creative inspiration from WWE trainer Sarah Stock (whether Blair’s hair is genuine or lengthened with extensions mystery).

“The EST of WWE”

As “EST of WWE” – the “EST” stands for the superlatives in FastEST, StrongEST, GreatEST – it initially excelled in the NXT roster, in spring 2020 it switched to the main shows and was presented there to a larger audience.

Initially, she worked alongside the equally upwardly aspiring tag team The Street Profits Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford – Fordis is also her husband since 2018.

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