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Five boxers who turned out in WWE

There are many individuals that have established themselves as household names because of their roles in WWE.

From the remarkable storylines to the memorable battles in the ring, there have been several great moments that we can all recall. Fans look forward to the biggest events in the WWE calendar knowing that something big will happen, and the next one on the list is Royal Rumble.

With 30 stars trying to become the last man standing, it really does make for intriguing viewing, and the latest Royal Rumble odds show it’s the one event that is truly hard to call. That’s because there are so many competitors who have a chance of winning.

That entertainment aspect is what WWE is all about. And, it’s also why so many famous faces have wanted to get involved over the years, with several boxing stars making the switch across.

Here we look at five boxers who have been involved in WWE over the years.

Tyson Fury

Given his personality, British icon Tyson Fury was born to be involved in wrestling. He has the size, the talk and he just wants to entertain. So, it’s no surprise that he has actually been involved. Having appeared in a few shows beforehand, the ‘Gypsy King’ made his professional debut as he defeated Braun Strowman in Saudi Arabia. We think this may not be the last time we see Fury in WWE.

Floyd Mayweather

Again, the ‘Money’ man is another who can trash talk with the best, so his appearance at WrestleMania XXIV was a highlight. He came up against Big Show, eventually outwitting the largest athlete on the planet to secure another victory.

Mike Tyson

Yet another with an outlandish personality, Tyson was also made for the entertainment industry. And, unlike any others on the list, he has actually been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, which is quite the feat.

‘Iron Mike’ helped revitalise the industry in the late 90s as he made several appearances in the shows, which included when he memorably turned on D-Generation X. Tyson’s presence in WWE was key in helping it go mainstream.

Evander Holyfield

Another big name to appear was former heavyweight champion Holyfield, who was on a show in 2007, where he was scheduled to fight Matt Hardy.

There would be a twist though, as MVP turned up, meaning the outcome was a no-contest. Whilst Holyfield didn’t get an official win, he knocked out MVP on his big WWE appearance, something fans will no doubt recall.

Muhammad Ali

As perhaps the greatest showman of all time, it won’t come as a shock to anyone that Ali also appeared at WrestleMania. Down as a special referee for the main event tag-team clash that involved Hulk Hogan, Ali inevitably got involved late on as he started throwing punches.

As you can see, some of the biggest names in boxing have appeared in WWE, with the appeal and popularity they have adding something different to the events they’re involved in. Some have had more success than others, and there’s sure to be many more that continue the path from boxing to WWE in the future.

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