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Tips for Betting on Pro Wrestling

Everybody knows that professional wrestling is pre-scripted, but this does not mean that it is not a fun opportunity to bet. Despite there being fixed outcomes, you can make bets on a variety of aspects, such as the length of title reigns, wrestlers switching promotions and which wrestlers will appear at which events, just to name a few.

Learn About Sports Betting

Before you bet on any sport at all, you should take some time to understand the background behind sports betting. This is especially important if you have little or no experience betting on any sports games. When you do your research, you will have the baseline knowledge that you need to bet successfully on WWE and other pro-wrestling matches.

Understand the Odds

Before putting any money down it is important that you take the time to research wrestling odds. Betting odds provide you with invaluable information about the event, as well as competitors involved, the chance of you winning your bet and the amount of money you stand to win. The algorithms that determine the odds for pro wrestling matches are very complicated and take many things into account, like if any of the performers have met before (televised or non-televised), recent injuries, crowd favorites and even merch sales. It can be difficult to untangle all of these without doing some research of your own.

Do Your Own Research

The best place to start when doing your own research is by thoroughly going through historical wrestling data. Look at past games and try to find some form of pattern. As wrestling is pre-determined, patterns are far more likely than in other sports games. Internet forums are another way of learning highly valuable information that is useful to have before you make a bet. One of the main forums for this has been Reddit, which has a very active pro-wrestling fan community. With all that activity comes a lot of former insiders who can give great insight into what is likely to happen in future matches.

A famous case involved a sub-reddit that accurately predicted the winner of every WWE match for over a year. It turned out, however, that the Redditor was actually a WWE employee who leaked the information to his favorite forum, giving his fellow Redditors a lot of insider knowledge that helped them make a lot of money.


Although betting on professional wrestling sounds silly, as it is pre-determined, you are actually more likely to make money if you have thoroughly researched your positions. After immersing yourself in the WWE world, you will not only have a fun and rewarding hobby, but you will have far more information that you can use to make informed bets that can actually win you money in the long run. Simply being informed can work wonders – for example, Hulk Hogan’s first WWE four-year title run ended at around the same time that his first child was due. If you spotted that, you would have had great odds on him being beaten by Andre the Giant.

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