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Train Like a Wrestler – Wrestling Conditioning

What Training Like a Madman Means

When you wrestle, you are a beast. Your job out there on the mat is to beat the other person up for the next 3 periods.

Wrestling is just a legal fight with a few rules on how you can beat the other guy up. The bottom line is when you are wrestling you need some guts, second to that you need to be freaking strong as anything.

The basic rule of our high school practices is, don’t be a baby, killing yourself in training is the only way that you will become better. So as a sports essay writer, I’d advise you to learn how to take a hit and get back up. Follow those rules when you train, and you will win.

Have you competed in a sport that pushed you so hard that you were working on empty? Good.

This is the place that I want you to put yourself when you are working out. Start tired and work hard. This is also where your body will learn how to work and not mess up techniques.

What do I mean by not messing up the technique? I mean like when someone is wrestling in the third period, and they are wiped out clean. When they are in that position their technique suffers.

That is why we have to prepare for the feeling of being tired and get used to being able to work hard in that position.

#1 Sprints!

In practice you can smell the sweat on the mats, everyone is breathing hard, and the room is warmed up to 90 degrees from the body heat generated. Then the dreaded words are spoken: “Okay guys, get on the wall.”

Those words meant one thing, sprints.

If you have wrestled on a team, then you know what I am talking about. Even though we hated the sprints it is where we learned the most about ourselves and what type of people we are.

The basic rules for sprinting:

1) Have a grueling pace – This is where you are going to get tired. If you don’t, you’re doing too wrong. You need to get on that line and run for a set amount of time. Get two minutes on your stopwatch and run non-stop. If you are pushing your hardest the whole time, your legs will feel like rubber by the end of the workout.

2) Don’t end with sprints – Don’t tell yourself, “this is it” when you are sprinting. Finish the sprints, take a 2-minute break and start working on empty.

3) Sprints are meant to get you tired – After you have sprinted, start working on your sport, and make it hard. If your sport does not have a lot to do with technique, then do explosive strength training.

4) You need them – If you want to get mentally tough like Dan Gable then you have to add sprints to every, single workout you do when you have the time to add it. Start with it, do it after some drilling, whatever. Just do it.

#2 Stairs

I have to tell you that of all of the workouts that I had to do when I wrestled, these were the hardest.

When I got on those stairs my legs start flaring up, and still, we had to push harder to keep pace. Stairs are great for quick shots because to go up the stairs you need to explode up.

There are a few ways that you should run stairs that I will bring to your attention in a moment, but first, you need to remember that this should be a hard workout.

A place that we trained is on the bleachers of the local football field.

Here are a few workouts we did on stairs:

1) Running the stairs – The basic idea is just to run, hard, for about 30 minutes. It’s a great workout that we did for a warm-up before practice. You need to go fast the whole time. Keep a 70% pace the whole time.

2) Bunny Hop Stairs – Put both feet together and jump two stairs up. You are skipping a stair and jumping onto the next one. (DON’T DO THESE ON STEEP STAIRS) Try going 100% the whole way up.

3) Bear Crawl Stairs – Get on all fours and go up with ‘all in’ pace (100%) the whole way up and jog down and do them again.

About the author: John J. Gregg is an experienced sports section writer on where he provides students with an opportunity to get high grades. Besides, He is fond of reading and playing the guitar. By the way, John dreams of traveling a lot and visiting as many countries as possible.

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