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Why is Jon Jones a favorite betting choice against Curtis Blaydes?

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has become the wagering top pick in a fight with Curtis Blaydes. Sites such as captaingambling, which provides some of the best vouchers and bonus codes, have seen a spike in Sportsbet enthusiasts vouching for Jon Jones.

A Brief Glance at Jon Jones

Because there are so many categories in MMA, it is impossible to say who the most vital martial artist of all time is. In other words, a fighter can continue to be the best in his division. Like every other sport, the results and outcomes could significantly vary between matches.

There may never be a martial artist proficient in every facet of the game, even though the former UFC light-heavyweight champion has some flaws—which is an understatement given the seriousness of the problems.

From his statistics, you will learn that he was able to terrorize the LHW division for more than five years, thanks to it, compiling stunning victories over numerous decorated former champions.

The 35-year-old has endorsement agreements with several businesses, including Nike, Reebok, Muscle Tech, K-Swiss, and many other well-known brands.

In 2014, Jones became Nike’s first-ever sponsored martial artist. Reebok also promised to pay him $2 million every year beginning in 2014. However, a few years later, Nike and Reebok canceled the agreements due to the “Bones” controversies.

According to estimates, the 205-pound GOAT is worth $3 million. It’s not surprising that the number is still high, given that he hasn’t fought in the octagon for the past three years. The American has made more than $7.2 million during his UFC career.

What Makes Jon Jones the Betting favorite?

Nolan King of MMA Junkie earlier revealed that former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones plans to make his MMA comeback at UFC 285 on March 5 in Las Vegas. It appears that “Bones” will eventually make his heavyweight debut on the PPV card. While Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou are the UFC’s top choices, the possibility of a fight with Curtis Blaydes has also been mentioned. The betting lines for that match appeared quickly in the books.

If Jon Jones and Curtis Blaydes are ever in a fight, the oddsmakers believe Jon Jones will prevail over Blaydes. Jones has been offered a -175 Moneyline, and a $100 wager would return a total of $157.14 at those odds. Blaydes is listed as an underdog with a value of +150 for gamblers, and placing money on that line could result in a complete payout of $250.

Since barely prevailing by judgment over Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 in February 2020, Jones has yet to participate in any competitions. The former champion’s waning supremacy at 205 pounds, paired with a protracted absence from competition, has left fans trying to figure out what to expect from him. Who can truly predict what Jon will experience when he ascends to the land of the giants? Although Jon Jones is a legendary heavyweight, no one has yet to witness it. So far, it consists of what Nick Diaz would call “wolf tickets.”

On the other hand, Curtis Blaydes, the third-ranked heavyweight in the UFC, has been very productive in the division. He decided to compete in 2020, two weeks before Jones’ final fight, and has since done so five more times. ‘Razor’ went 4-1 in those matches and was only defeated by an uppercut from Derrick Lewis.

Beyond his recent track record, Blaydes has only suffered two losses, both of which came against Francis N’Gannou, the current UFC heavyweight champion. How does Blaydes’ exceptional 17-3 record compare to an enigma like Jon Jones, given his standout wrestling performance?

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