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Will Legal Sports Betting on Wrestling Ever Happen?

Wrestling is a sport as old as the human race. According to many researchers, historians, and archeologists, evidence of wrestling exists from the earliest human civilizations. Some have argued that the sport’s origins run further back. However, there is no evidence for this claim. Today, wrestling may not be the most popular martial art, but it is incorporated in some of the most notable combat sport events in the USA, and beyond.


Wrestling, and grappling in general, is a big part of mixed martial arts. Fans of the UFC will know that many of the best fighters incorporate sports like wrestling, judo, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and similar grappling combat styles. The UFC has grown in popularity, becoming one of the most popular combat sport events in the world recently. Thanks to this, many new people are becoming interested in wrestling and mixed martial arts. There has also been a lot of talk in the past of fighters moving from UFC to wresting, but most of the time, this has fallen by the way side.

Betting on the UFC is also becoming a lot more popular. During the 2020 pandemic, most sporting competitions were postponed or cancelled. However, the UFC kept strong. Naturally, bettors flocked to the MMA events, learning more and more about the sport, and becoming a lot more interested in the efficiencies of wrestling. It is no secret that there has been a big increase in demand for betting on the UFC in recent months. So, many are now wondering if it is legal to gamble on MMA sports events.

Before we answer the question of legality, we would like to shine a light on another popular event that incorporates wrestling and allows for betting. Let us take a look at the World Wrestling Entertainment.


A lot of people don’t associate professional wrestling with the sport proper. And while it is absolutely true that the WWE is more entertainment than sport, all of the performers still need to know the proper moves and techniques, in order to present a good show. In other words, pro wrestlers are still wrestlers.

But even so, how can people bet on the WWE? Well, as we all know, WWE matches are all a written affair, meaning the winner is pre-determined by the company. Some might say that betting becomes pointless. However, others disagree.

Betting on WWE does not involve trying to gauge the skill and strength of the fighters. But rather, the popularity, story beats, and emotional catharsis that would come from one wrestler defeating another. In other words, betting on the WWE is like betting on the end of a television show. Which has its own appeal.

Legal Betting on Wrestling

So, now that we know the two major events where wrestling shines, let us take a look at whether legal betting is possible? And the answer is, yes. Legal sports betting on UFC matches and WWE events is already legal. Most states around the USA allow both land-based and online betting. In Europe most countries have fully legalized the practice. And even residents of countries that don’t allow it, still have the option to use offshore sportsbooks.

And if you are worried about legality, we are here to assuage your fears. You see, while some countries may prohibit sportsbook operation, most still don’t prohibit gambling. So, while it may not be legal to operate and own a betting shop, it is still legal to place bets. In other words, you can still make an account at an offshore bookie and place bets on your favorite wrestlers / mixed martial artists.

Even without offshore bookies, many experts and analysts believe that the future of sports betting looks bright. The business is growing, the industry is booming, and there is quite a bit of money to be made. So, many believe that the practice will soon be legal in most countries around the world.


Betting on wrestling, and other similar events is already legal. Gamblers throughout the world can place bets on UFC matches, Pro-wrestling matches, and even actual wrestling events. So, if you have any interest in doing so, look for a proper bookie and have some fun.

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