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Wrestlers Retired Way Too Early

Leaving the show at the right time is a skill not many wrestlers can brag about. And although too many wrestlers tend to hold on to their characters for way too long, some wrestlers have left the business way too early. It is always unfortunate to say goodbyes to good characters ahead of time, knowing how much they could have given us. However, often their decision to retire is either a personal or health-related necessity. As wrestling fans, we have to respect that. Nothing stops us from paying tribute to some great characters and the wrestlers who played them and left the show way too early. Here is the list of wrestlers who have retired way too early. 

AJ Lee

Let’s start our list with this rising star of female wrestling who quit the sport way too early. AJ Lee was a great advocate for females in wrestling. In fact, she was one of the best female wrestlers out there. She had a great persona, she could wrestle, and she was crazy fun. Overall, she could put on a great show for the audience. There were many rumors about why AJ Lee left so early. Many believed her retirement was connected to her husband and his misunderstanding with WWE. However, the wrestler herself claims that her neck trauma was the main reason she chose to quit.

Tyson Kidd

It wasn’t long after Tyson Kidd got signed that he made a name for himself. Kidd was absolutely great in the ring. His career was on the verge of blooming when Kidd had his trauma on the ring. Fortunately for him, he survived, although a spinal cord injury can be extremely dangerous if not lethal. You can learn more about this trauma by ordering a medical paper from writersperhour academic service. Overall, after such a trauma, the wrestler will not step on the ring again. Currently, he occupies the position of the producer on the network he used to perform. 

Bret Hart

Any old-time wrestler fan should remember the story of Bret Hart that has caused the wrestler’s early retirement. There is no doubt that Hart was among the best wrestlers out there. He was professional, technical, and very serious about what he was doing. However, he hit a rough patch once he started a dispute with the WWE chairman. All wrestlers and their fans know that it doesn’t end well. Frankly, you can have a whole paper on legal disputes and wrestlers’ mistreatment by WWE. If you are interested to learn more, don’t forget to read these assignment geek reviews first. 

Anyway, once Hart left, his career took a sad turn to nowhere. He had to retire too early when the potential and energy were still there. Since then, he made an attempt to come back, though. The attempt was unsuccessful. He became bitter and condescending about the current state of wrestling and the performers who enter the ring. 

Corey Graves

Corey Graves was an amazing wrestling success story. He started performing at 16 years old! By the time he joined the WWE, he was already a wrestling veteran, though he was only in his late twenties. Graves had to quit performing due to his numerous traumas. 

You can learn a lot about his career by the traumas he earned. It’s like reading an essayhave review and learning about their highs and lows. 

Overall, Graves didn’t retire from wrestling altogether. He knew he was in it for good. He started seeking for himself new opportunities and soon became an announcer at WWE. He just reached his 30s when he had to make a tough call of leaving the ring. However, it seems that we are not saying goodbye to Graves. With his determination, he may become the voice of WWE.

Ravishing’ Rick Rude

The story of Ravishing’ Rick Rude is rather sad, to say the least. Those who have been watching wrestling of the 1990s would recognize Rick Rude right away. He was the star. Rick was a very successful wrestler on top of his career when he retired. He was 35 years old, and he had been in the ring for 12 years at that point. Of course, another trauma on that list had once again taken another great wrestler from the ring. Rick Rude received a serious back injury right after he won the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship. This was a tragic event that took place in the ring. Though, despite his trauma, Rick had intentions to come back in five years. He even started his training. Unfortunately, Rick died before his big comeback could happen. He was only 40 years old. The best way to pay tribute to this great wrestler is to remember him and his matches. 

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