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Wrestlers Who Love to Gamble

People are living for the thrill. The thrill of a new purchase, of a challenging goal, or an exciting adventure. It is no wonder that with such tendencies some particularly risky sports and shows have a massive cult following. People are gaining the desired thrill without the need to risk anything themselves. Wrestling is one of those praised and beloved activities. Today, we will see who are the most daring and risk-taking players in the field, which wrestlers would gamble their safety and even somebody parts for the sake of our entertainment.  Let’s meet WWE gambling heroes who love the high risks and the glamour of a good wrestling round. 

CM Punk

You can probably tell that this is a telling name. Indeed, Mr. CM Punk has always been a risk-taker. Even in calculated and staged matches of WWE, there are numerous opportunities to break a bone or worse. And all of them were taken by CM Punk. He is always famous for not being shy behind the microphone, to say the least. He is famed to be the first to win two Money in the Bank ladder matches, as well as the only one wrestler to do it two times in a row. Here is a great example of worthy risk-taking.

Jeff Hardy

There is another telling name on our list. Jeff Hardy goes hard on his enemies/opponents in the octagon. His famous Spear on Edge from the top of a ladder is a solid “killer move” that even CM Punk could not withstand. His main aim is to entertain, even if it means taking the gamble. His notorious stunt when he dropped from the very high top of the set onto his opponent is still in the hall of fame of the most outrageously risky WWE stunts.

 Chris Benoit

This wrestler was famous not only for his octagon intensity but also for his notorious behaviour outside of the ring. In the nutshell – he was intense everywhere. Every wrestler can carefully craft his stunts that would look impressive while being safe; but not Mr. Benoit. His finishing move was to dive off the top rope and end up with a headbutt. Extremely dangerous, this trick brought numerous concussions to the performer and should have been probably prohibited. However, the crowds were certainly entertained. If we imagine WWE poker, Chris Benoit would be a joker.

Kurt Angle

This is yet another “angle” on the dangers of risk-taking in wrestling. If you do not want to risk anything and win while playing safe, go to play amo casino and experience the thrills without any dangers. But coming back to Mr. Angle – he is yet another performer who is not afraid to use his body to the max. He is remembered for his superb moonsault on top of his rivals. Being an Olympic gold medal winner, he knows a thing or two about persistence and endurance.

Mick Foley

Mr. Foley is a good example of extreme performance and a good charisma put towards the meticulously crafted persona. He often put on a psychotic face and followed the path of a madman in his octagon performance. He is a gambler, and his life and mind are on the line. Of course, that was just an act. However, this role was still extremely physically demanding. He was beaten up numerous times, often with folding chairs, and even lost his ear once! His traditional weapon was a barbed-wire baseball bat. He was one of the first extreme WWE superstars that achieved championship status. He certainly set a high bar for the masterful performance of incredible intensity. His stunts were violent, and though staged, very truly dangerous at the time. His fame has a great influence on future wrestlers and inspired a lot of copycats in the industry.

Susan Wallace is a blogger and historian that often focuses on the modern pop-culture phenomena and popular sports. She is interested in the connection between cultural developments and the evolution of sports. She often shares her findings online with her numerous readers and explores various modern sports and their particularities.

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