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The Best Wrestling Themed New Online Slots

We are presenting you with the best wrestling-themed new online slots. These slots are unique, and they are featuring the theme of one of the popular sports, Wrestling. And you know what? The most amazing part about these new online slots is you don’t need to deposit any bonus as it has no deposit bonus codes Canada. So these are all in one slot for you. 

As these new online slots are related to Wrestling; therefore, we will discuss Wrestling’s sports in this article. Moreover, we will also tell you briefly about some of the most popular online slots which have Wrestling as their theme for the folks.

Wrestling-Themed Games:

Wrestling is one of the most popular and addictive sports in the world. Most youngsters and teenagers enjoy playing Wrestling themed games in this digital gaming era. Some of the top 5 addictive wrestling-themed games are:

  • Lucha libre (RTG)
  • Andre the giant (NextGen Gaming)
  • Luchadora
  • Nacho Libre
  • Hulkamania (Endemol)

Lucha libre (RTG)

Lucha libre Video Slot

Lucha libre is one of the recently released online slots based on Real Time Gaming (RTG). It was initially released in 2015, and it gives you a real-time gaming sensation.

If anyone is a fan of Mexican Wrestling themed games, this is the game he has been looking for. Guacamole and Taca Molo are the prominent wrestlers in the ring in this slot game. 

It has also added extra cheering and hooting sounds by the crowd, which makes the game more attractive. This game is readily available on mobile devices too.

Andre the giant (NextGen gaming)

Andre, the giant, features a French, famous, and professional wrestler “Andre Rene Roussimoff.” He is commonly called Andre the Giant. 

If you help him in the ring and get his wrestling belts and all the stuff that he wants to achieve, he will be grateful to you and then reward you accordingly for that. Hot dogs and tickets also give you a chance to earn a bonus. In this way, you can make money.

However, this is the new slot game brought to you by the next-gen gaming, which means this is primarily for this generation. The game is available on almost all mobile devices, including iPhones, smartphones, tablets, etc. Moreover, it is also on MacBooks and PCs.


Luchadora Slot

Luchadora is another online slot game which is a wrestling themed game that takes you to the ring of Wrestling of Mexican times. 

It is developed by Thunder kick™ Software and is free. It does not require any need for registration or download. The incredible thing about this game is that you get the chance of many spins. 

Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre, as the name suggests, is developed featuring the Mexican film of the same name. 

However, this is another fascinating online slot machine game with the theme of Wrestling. It is presented by iSoftbet. It gives the players a thrilling feeling due to the five different wrestlers, Dynasty, Sage, Esqueleto, Rosales, and Ramses.

Nacho Libre Slot

Hulkamania (Endemol)

Hulkamania is more of a “Hulk Hogan” wrestler themed game, making it a better wrestling themed online slot game. It is brought to you by Endemol games.

This game excites the players as it has the second longest-reigning WWF Champion, Hulk. 

Gear up, guys!

All these online slots are unique, and people of all ages mostly enjoy playing these. One should not wait for another wrestling championship, and he should gear up himself to get in the wrestling ring.

Online and free

The most interesting fact about all these online slots is that these games are free and online. Also, many of them do not require the need of registration. And the most amazing of all advantages is that you have the chance to avail yourself of daily bonuses by various championships and daily spins.

Impacts of Wrestling

As everything in the world has different impacts on an individual’s life, Wrestling also has positive and negative effects.

  • Positive impacts

Wrestling enhances the skills of self-defense, muscle movement, and other grappling-techniques. Moreover, it builds up the stamina of a person and increases his activeness.

  • Negative impacts

Wrestling also has negative impacts on the life of a person. Wrestling increases the factor of violence in the person, making him ruthless. He gets used to the rash events occurring around him. And the most significant negative impact is that the Wrestling agreement says they cannot guarantee our health and safety, so this is very dangerous for anyone to fight. He does not know whether he will survive.

A Wrestling Themed New Online Slots

The amazing wrestling-themed new online slots are something you want to check out. It does not even want you to deposit any bonus to do anything in the game, which means it is completely free, so you should not miss the golden chance.

Since these online slots feature Wrestling, the impacts of Wrestling and their skills, etc., are needed to understand first to know about the importance of these new online slots.


Wrestling is one of the sports which enhances different personal skills. So in this time, when people are playing more and more of the online slots games, you need to check these new online slots. The developers keeping in mind the popularity of the sports and how much people love playing Wrestling itself took Wrestling’s theme and then developed the online slots games. Many people get addicted to it quickly, and once they are addicted, they never quit those games rapidly. The sports of Wrestling also have negative impacts, but the wrestling-themed new online slots guarantee your safety as it is online, and your health won’t be affected. So it would be best to try different moves to wrestle up against the opponent in these new online slots.

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