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Wrestling Approaches That Do Not Work in Romantic Relationships

Why Wrestling Is Unlike Real Life

Professional wrestling is a job that requires immense hard work. The elements which make an excellent wrestler may somehow match those that make a good person in general since wrestling requires determination, focus, and the ability to work hard.

But living life according to the principles of the wrestling world isn’t a do-able task. Wrestling requires you to be physically active and follow a strict diet. In the ring, there’s no mercy when wrestling. These aspects of wrestling don’t translate well into real-life scenarios. Not everyone has the capacity to work out as much and restrict their diet for such long-periods without affecting their health.

The wrestler’s diet and workouts fit their profession, and an office worker can’t survive by mimicking their routine. Same with the in-ring tactics, you can punch someone and knock them out of the squared circle, but you can’t expect the same in real life and not get hit by repercussions.

How to Separate Two Worlds Properly

The most common dilemma everyone faces during their life is “how can I separate my work from my personal time?” and there’s no easy answer to this. Getting your life together and finding that work-life balance is a long-term experimental process.

Dating is the most integral part of one’s life. Everyone wants to love and be loved. If you are a wrestling fan looking for a good date, it is advisable to choose the best dating sites in order to avoid scam. Online dating provides a minimum hassle solution to dating related concerns when getting your work-life balance into working.

You can separate the two worlds by marking a clear distinction between the time you give to your profession and the time you’re willing to allocate to your personal life. This clear mindset will automatically help you shift gears throughout the day, allowing you to balance your life without feeling pressured. At first, it will need practice, but eventually, you’ll get there.

What Approaches Are Inviable in Romantic Relationships

Dating successfully requires skills that are carefully thought out “strategy.” It’s not to say dating is a game that needs intense planning, but it’s a process requiring diligence and avoidance of the wrong action. The most common mistakes people make when dating as a beginner include:

Neither Overact nor Overreact

Overreacting is an emotional response nobody wishes to deal with. Blowing things out of proportion may work for larger than life wrestling character, but always gets messy in real life. It makes the other person question how easily triggered you’re and how rigid you’re accepting new things.

Overreacting seems like a logical response to the person who shows the emotion, but it can push away a date from opening up as it creates a “fear factor” and makes them question, “will they overreact to this?”

On the other hand, overacting and pretending to seem “classy” or whatever persona you’re trying to fit is a big turn off on many dates. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at pretending; eventually, you’ll have to act like yourself. How long can one put on a façade to deceive someone? Deception itself is a red flag on its own.

Do Not Follow the Strict Scenario

Dating according to a “plan” seems logical; creating scenarios of what milestones to hit and when can give you a clear perception of the direction you want to follow with your relationship. But this isn’t always the best choice, not everyone is made to fit a “textbook” dating style, and no two dates can ever be the same.

There are no bookers in the relationships, and unlike a match, every date is unique, hence why you need to mold yourself for your partner’s convenience and comfort. If you begin to force your ideologies, you’re starting to strip away the freedom and independence of through that your date has, which is a sign of an incredibly unhealthy relationship.

Do Not Rely Too Much on the Wow Effect

A relationship can only go so far with physical attraction. The initial “wow effect” won’t fuel the success and long-term run of the relationship. A long-lasting relationship, just like a feud to remember, requires substance. It’s not to say that looks don’t play a role; a person who takes care of themselves is seen as someone who has their life together. But looks aren’t everything.

If you or your date lack personality and expect things to keep working because of the initial attraction based on the physical appearance, we’ve got the sad news for you. Your relationship will have a hard time working out.

Good looks won’t make up for your lack of respect or honesty. Nowadays, everyone considers personality to be the most crucial aspect of a relationship, so be charismatic like the Rock, not only good looking like Chris Masters.

Do Not Stick to “Good Character” and “Bad Character” Roles

Generally, a good character is defined as honest, apologetic, respectful, and all the other good things, a “face” in familiar terms. A bad character or a “heel” refuses to apologize because of their pride, has zero respect, and is dishonest in a relationship. Recognize someone you know?

However, personalities cannot only be divided into two categories. Everyone is made of good and bad, and assuming just one role will harm you. If you’re always playing the devil’s advocate, you’ll quickly end up destroying your relationship through distrust and frequent fights.

In contrast, if you always play the goody two shoes, you’ll end up being the one that gets hurt. A relationship requires both parties to be conscious of the mistakes they make; if one person keeps apologizing for another’s mistakes, there’s a dynamic shift here that will favor the person who made a mistake to repeat their action. Accountability is something that can be taught by making partners realize they’ve hurt your feelings and expecting them to apologize.

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