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WWE Stars Involved in Online Gambling

Wrestlers often visit online casinos, including Canadian online casinos that offer various interactive games, to let off steam. Many casinos also allow betting on wrestling. Casinos that have such services or offer new betting games often need a deposit of only $5. Read on to find out more.

Why Are Wrestlers Often Gamblers?

For wrestlers in WWE casino games have always been a popular form of entertainment. Wrestlers enjoy risky and thrilling circumstances and that helps them thrive in the ring. Gambling often gives a similar kind of rush. Many wrestlers also turn to gambling to increase their wealth. Casinos have games that provide big wins. So they can stake an amount and turn it into more, after a few rounds. 

While wrestlers often enjoy being gamblers, there are some who have suffered after becoming too hooked on the games. The heavyweight wrestler J.R. Pilenis got involved in several gambling violations and even had to borrow money from his coach to pay off his debts. Disco Inferno operated an illegal casino in a friend’s basement. He organised poker games regularly at which the minimum buy-in had to be $10,000! Inferno was eventually arrested.

The Most Popular Wrestlers Who Played Online Casino Games

There are many wrestlers who gamble or like playing different casino games. You might have even heard of several wrestlers from the WWE gambling. Listed below are some of the big names in the world of wrestling who are gambling enthusiasts. 

●       John Cena

John Cena is a poker player and during his time as a professional wrestler, he played Texas Hold’em. In an interview with the Bluff Magazine, Cena admitted that he started playing poker after watching the World Series of Poker on television. 

●       Jeff Hardy

The infamous Jeff Hardy is a gambling enthusiast. Hardy often drops some bits of advice about casino gaming and helps his fans to decide where they should place bets to win some real money. 

●       Dana White

Dana White loves to place big wagers on blackjack games and win them. He has placed a stake as high $25,000. White became such a good blackjack player and won such huge amounts that Palm Casino which he frequented, had to ban him for a while! 

●       John Morrison

John Morrison is another famous wrestler who has a passion for gambling. Morrison is formidable as a wrestler and is equally fuelled up when playing table games like roulette, blackjack and poker. 

Popularity of Online Casinos Among Wrestlers

Wrestlers prefer casinos because of the exciting games they offer and the quick payouts. But it is not just the wrestling community that loves gambling. People in general enjoy these casino games due to the wins they can get for a low deposit. You can find some online casinos here: and these will let you play games for just $5! A $5 minimum deposit casino will attract many amateur players who wish to hone their gambling skills. You can pay such a low deposit and still play games that offer big bonuses and jackpots.  If you need a recommendation, check out these free slots offers for UK customers.

Now while you can follow in the steps of these pro wrestlers and play games at online casinos that require a low deposit, there is another question that needs to be answered. The question is: can you bet on WWE? Well, you definitely can. There are many online casinos that offer WWE betting. You can join any of these sportsbooks and place a bet of any amount on a WWE match.

Does Gambling Have Any Impact on Wrestling?

Since many wrestlers are also gamblers, gambling is bound to influence the wrestling industry. It has now expanded to include wrestlers and their fans betting on actual matches. For example, pro wrestlers in Canada can bet on WWE matches. This also serves a mark of their independence within the sport. 

For popular wrestlers, betting on wrestling means big bonuses and equally big wins. They can place bets and get huge profits, especially if they have a larger audience. This has led to the growth of sportsbooks that provide details about wrestling betting odds. 

APA’s Poker Game

It is interesting to note that gambling at casinos is not just about the thrill for some wrestlers, but it can also be a way of reuniting. Wrestlers Bradshaw and Faarooq got together to host a poker game in 2018, 14 years after the duo had split! As professionals, their team was known as the Acolytes Protection Agency (APA) and they organised a fun poker session backstage at the WWE Raw 25 Years event. This was at a time when online casinos like the Canadian online casinos were becoming extremely popular. 

Gambling has been a part of the wrestling community for a long time. Wrestlers, just like many other people, enjoy the gaming experience that top casinos provide. This has also influenced many of their fans to check out new platforms and games. 

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