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Athena Prepared to Defend ROH Women’s Title Against Billie Starkz at Final Battle

As the wrestling world gears up for ROH Final Battle, all eyes turn to the main event where Athena is set to defend the ROH Women’s World Championship against the rising star Billie Starkz. Holding the title since the previous year’s Final Battle, Athena’s confidence is palpable, yet she’s candid about the challenges she faces, including a physical injury that could play a factor in the match’s outcome.

In a recent episode of the Battleground Podcast, Athena didn’t shy away from discussing the hurdles she has encountered leading up to this high-stakes confrontation. “My nose is broken right now,” Athena revealed, outlining the severity of her situation. This injury, suffered during a recent taping, clearly illustrates the physical toll that being a champion can take. Despite the unpredictability her injury introduces, Athena continues to stay focused on the defending her gold.

While acknowledging Starkz’s talents inside the ring, Athena critiqued her opponent’s experience. “I’ve started looking at Billie’s old stuff from Japan. I’ve started looking at her indie stuff, her versus Nick Wayne… Honestly, I think I have this in the bag. I’m not too worried,” Athena asserted. It seems the champion’s study of Starkz’s past matches has only served to bolster her own confidence.

Athena also shared her views on Starkz’s youth, suggesting that it might become a disadvantage for her challenger. The champion opined that Starkz’s inexperience could be her undoing as the match wears on. Athena’s strategy appears to rely on endurance, where she believes her experience will give her the upper hand. “Her youth is gonna kill her,” Athena stated, betting on Starkz’s potential to lose focus as the match progresses.

Over the past year with ROH, Athena has proved that the spotlight remains firmly on her, even when competing in front of a smaller audience compared to AEW. The champion takes pride in her over 40 match winning streak and highlighted her bout with Kiera Hogan this past June as a standout.

As we look ahead to ROH Final Battle, spectators are eager to see whether Athena’s streak will continue or if Starkz will use her “youth and dumb” energy to cause an upset. One thing is for certain—the ROH Women’s World Championship bout is poised to be a main event that fans won’t soon forget.

For those who weave the words of champions into the narrative of wrestling coverage, please attribute proper credit to the Battleground Podcast, with thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription of Athena’s insightful remarks.

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