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Former Stardom Executive Rossy Ogawa Launches Dream Star Fighting Marigold

One Big Thing

Rossy Ogawa, the originator of STARDOM, has announced a new wrestling promotion called Dream Star Fighting Marigold, following his departure from Bushiroad, the parent company of STARDOM.

What Happened

Today, Rossy Ogawa showcased his next venture into the wrestling world with the public unveiling of Dream Star Fighting Marigold. This reveal comes after Ogawa’s departure from his role at STARDOM amidst controversy.

  • The announcement was made through a press conference, where Ogawa introduced the first roster members, notably including several former STARDOM talents.
  • Notable wrestlers such as Giulia, Utami Hayashishita, Mai Sakurai, MIRAI, Yuzuki, Nanae Takahashi, and Nao Ishikawa are part of the inaugural roster.
  • The first event is scheduled for May 20 at Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall, featuring a prominent tag team match.
  • Giulia, a key name in the roster, has been rumored to be transitioning to WWE after fulfilling her commitments with Marigold.

Why It Matters

The launch of Dream Star Fighting Marigold marks a significant moment in professional wrestling, showcasing the evolving landscape and the creation of new platforms for talent. It speaks volumes about the loyalty and relationships formed by Rossy Ogawa within the wrestling community, demonstrating the impact of these bonds in the formation and anticipation surrounding this new promotion.

  • Represents a fresh start for Ogawa and a rallying point for talent seeking new opportunities.
  • It poses potential competitive dynamics in the joshi (women’s wrestling in Japan) scene, challenging existing promotions.
  • Highlights the ongoing interplay between Japanese wrestling promotions and international entities like WWE.

Looking Ahead

The success and impact of Dream Star Fighting Marigold will depend on its ability to leverage the star power of its roster, the quality of its events, and how it positions itself within the broader wrestling ecosystem.

With the inaugural event on the horizon and the wrestling community abuzz, all eyes are on Ogawa and his new venture. Will Dream Star Fighting Marigold flourish into a staple of professional wrestling, or will it face the challenges that come with high expectations and a highly competitive landscape?

What are your thoughts on Rossy Ogawa’s new wrestling promotion? Would you be tuning in for the inaugural event? Share your views and predictions in the comments below.

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