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Alexa Bliss May Go Through A Character Change Soon

According to what was apparently teased during the show, multi-time women’s champion Alexa Bliss is set for yet another major character change on WWE RAW. While Alexa Bliss has been back on WWE RAW for a while, she has mostly been a face. In Bianca Belair’s feud with Damage CTRL, the Goddess has remained a supporting character. Now that Survivor Series WarGames has concluded, it appears that the focus will shift back to the former women’s champion.

Bray Wyatt’s logo appeared behind her for a brief moment during a backstage interview with Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Bliss, and her expression changed as well. She appears to be reverting to the old character she had while under Wyatt’s spell.

She appeared lost in thought after the logo appeared, and she had lost her cheerful appearance. Fans are well aware of what occurred the last time Bliss was linked to Bray Wyatt. The superstar appeared to have enchanted Bliss. When the time came for Wyatt to face Randy Orton in his Fiend character at WrestleMania, Alexa Bliss betrayed him.

Bliss’ distraction cost him the match. It was his final appearance before disappearing from WWE TV last year and being released. Bliss was trapped in the supernatural ruse for a long time before she was able to break free.

Now that Bray Wyatt has returned, it appears that the former RAW Women’s Champion may be heading in the same direction. Whether this means she rejoins him or he seeks vengeance for her betrayal, her storyline in the future could be very interesting.

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