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Bill Goldberg Calls Out Vince McMahon Over Broken Retirement Match Promise

3 Key Points

  • Goldberg accuses Vince McMahon of not honoring a deal for a retirement match.
  • Goldberg expresses admiration for Sting and desire to participate in his farewell bout.
  • Speculation about Goldberg potentially joining AEW has been addressed but remains unconfirmed.

Goldberg’s Candid Confession: McMahon’s Broken Promise

In a rare moment of openness, the wrestling icon Bill Goldberg has stirred the pot with revelations about a handshake agreement with Vince McMahon. While joining the conversation on the “Steve & Captain Evil” show, Goldberg opened up about his unfulfilled wish to be a part of his mentor Sting’s final wrestling match, citing Sting as his inspiration for entering the wrestling industry.

“He’s one of the best human beings on the planet,” Goldberg remarked about Sting, emphasizing the respect he tried to embody both in and outside of the squared circle.

The Saudi Arabia Controversy: Goldberg’s Ultimatum

The controversy thickened when Goldberg recounted a critical request to favor Roman Reigns in a match in Saudi Arabia, at a time when Goldberg was contending with COVID-19. Goldberg detailed his conversation with McMahon, sharing, “I had COVID, and I remember calling him from my house and said, ‘Listen, here’s the deal. I’ll do it if you give me a retirement match.’”

Despite pushing through with the match, Goldberg feels McMahon reneged on their agreement, leading to his blunt critique: “Vince is a piece of s**t as far as I’m concerned.”

Ripple Effects: No Talk of Goldberg in WWE

Seeking to understand the implications of Goldberg’s claim, inquiry to ringside sources uncovered that there’s no current conversation about Goldberg’s retirement match within WWE. This revelation has sparked further controversy about Goldberg’s future in professional wrestling.

Adding intrigue to the situation, there has been buzz within WWE regarding Goldberg possibly considering a move to rival promotion AEW. Although rumors have been swirling, PW Insider reports no obvious plans for this transition, with Tony Khan, AEW’s head, having interacted with Goldberg without indicating a shift to AEW.

As questions linger regarding Goldberg’s retirement match and his fractured rapport with Vince McMahon, fans eagerly wait for Goldberg’s next move. Whether he will re-enter the ring remains a burning question in the wrestling community.

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