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Bray Wyatt Action Figures Pulled, Mattel Plans to Celebrate WWE Superstar’s Legacy

Amid the solemn news of pro wrestling icon Bray Wyatt’s passing, industry mammoth Mattel delivered an announcement that left many Wyatt enthusiasts with mixed emotions. The toy behemoth revealed plans of pulling the late WWE superstar’s Windham Rotunda action figures from their upcoming lines, the WWE Elite Collection Greatest Hits 3, and the WWE Ultimate Edition Wave 20. Not all hope is lost, however, as Mattel shared their intentions of commemorating Wyatt’s luminous legacy in future production runs.

The scoop first appeared in a release from Ringside Collectibles, a familiar name in wrestling merchandise circles. The dispatch conveyed Mattel’s resolve to provide a bereavement period for the Rotunda family while simultaneously promising a tribute to Bray Wyatt’s iconic wrestling presence in coming lines.

“Space for the performer’s family at this time is our priority but in alliance with WWE, we are enthusiastically looking forward to celebrating this awe-inspiring Superstar and his legacy with future lines,” was the tenor of the statement issued by Mattel.

Enthusiastic wrestling fans who, in looking forward to the WWE Ultimate Edition Wave 20 and WWE Elite Collection Greatest Hits 3 toy lines, had pre-ordered the late Bray Wyatt’s action figures, can expect prompt refunds as per Mattel’s statement.

Fandom fervor can be measured by the popularity of Wyatt’s action figures from his infamous matches – the Pitch Black one against LA Knight at the Royal Rumble and the Ultimate Deletion against Matt Hardy. More than a disappointment, the cancellation was a blow to the fans, who held high expectations for the new figures initially slated for release in December 2023. However, hope remains that Mattel hinted at future production featuring Wyatt.

In his lifetime, Wyatt’s merchandise command yielded a significant chunk of WWE’s sales, even outdoing heavyweights such as Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch in 2019. A testament to his popularity, all proceeds from his merchandise sales in the aftermath of his untimely passing at age 36 were assigned to his widow, Jojo Offerman, and their children.

Bray Wyatt’s stalwart fanbase is now eagerly anticipating the promised tribute by Mattel as their way to stay connected with their beloved wrestling legend. As the wrestling world mourns the loss of WWE’s outstanding Superstar, the legacy of Bray Wyatt continues to live on.

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