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Bray Wyatt’s Imminent Return May Happen Sooner Than Expected

Bray Wyatt’s name has been doing the rounds ever since the ‘White Rabbit’ theme song played at a live event. The speculations were always high that he would return, but when was and still is the million dollar question.

There were rumours that he would return to wrestling but in a different promotion. Some even speculated that he may be out for a longer duration, but a video is worth a thousand words. It looks like The Eater of the Worlds may be back in the WWE sooner than expected.

A video started doing rounds this Friday where Bray Wyatt could be seen training with former Boxing Welterweight World Champion Keith Thurman. There was a bar code on Friday Night SmackDown which when scanned gave the digits as 9:23 along with the sign of a white rabbit and some coordinates that point fans to Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada which is the location for the coming episode of Monday Night Raw.

Fans were speculating at 9:22 that they would see the cat out of the bag, but the company went into commercial and there’s been no news about what happened. While there’s one clue that can help us understand what or who it is. There was the word ‘Patricide’ shown in the latest video. Wyatt used the same word in his first FCW promo.

Is that a mere coincidence that such clues are being sent out to the fans to keep them involved? Also, the video posted by ESNews on YouTube confirms that work is being put behind the scenes for the massive return of one of the most loved superstars of the current era.

Are you excited to see these clues and can’t wait for Wyatt’s return? Sound off in the comments.

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