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Brian Gewirtz discusses new book on WWE, says he had a ‘slap fight’ with Paul

The Wise Man to The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns Paul Heyman

Former WWE creative writer Brian Gewirtz recently appeared on The Ringer’s Cheap Heat podcast to promote his book There’s Just One Problem: True Tales from the Former, One-Time, 7th Most Powerful Person in WWE. It releases on August 16th. He talked about how he and Paul Heyman had a slap fight. Brian works as Senior Vice President at Seven Bucks Productions company. Gewirtz recalled the incident and said he did not win it because both got suspended from the WWE. Brain considered it not at the same level as Mike [Tyson]/[Evander] Holyfield, but it was close to Jerry and George [from Seinfeld]. [h/t: Wrestling Edge]

The Wise Man to The Tribal Chief has performed well over the years. He founded ECW, which still has a fanbase. Fans still talk about how it used to showcase brutal matches. WWE superstars paid a visit to the show back in the day. Paul Heyman is a wrestling genius. Over the years, he has had some troubles. While his concerns never got public, it is worth noting that a long career comes with its share of problems. Paul Heyman is out from his current storyline following an attack from Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

The wrestling legend is a respected figure backstage, and his performance has been exemplary. He has helped various superstars become big names over the years. His charm has helped superstars get main event matches, and he continues to shine to this date. We have not heard anything from Heyman on this topic as of this writing. WWE tries to avoid any controversy. Paul is contractually working with the company, so we may not hear anything from him.

A fight between wrestlers or managers backstage is not new. There are various instances where backstage brawls took place between superstars. Do you remember any such bout? Chime in.

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