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Bron Breakker Vows to Crush Baron Corbin at NXT No Mercy: A Tumultuous Turn of Events

In the aftermath of his brutal No Disqualification match against Von Wagner, WWE NXT’s rising star Bron Breakker is now setting his sights on yet another formidable opponent, Baron Corbin. The highly anticipated showdown is said to be held at NXT No Mercy on the 30th of September.

During an engaging segment in WWE NXT’s Tuesday episode, Corbin interrupted to convey his view on Breakker’s ruthless post-match aggression against Wagner. After a vicious carnage, Wagner ended up bearing the brunt of ringside steps on his head, courtesy of Breakker. As a consequence, NXT commentator Vic Joseph revealed that Wagner had to endure a mild skull fracture.

Initially, Corbin expressed sheer disgust at Breakker’s savage onslaught on Wagner. But as the aftermath sank in, he couldn’t resist flashing a smirk, hailing the ruthless proceedings as “freakin’ awesome”. This unexpected compliment from Corbin piqued Breakker’s interest, which led him to confront Corbin face-to-face.

On reaching the ring, Breakker made it clear that his vicious attack on Wagner wasn’t a ploy to garner Corbin’s validation. Instead, he stressed that it was purely a bid to put an end to Wagner’s wrestling reign. In return, Corbin, not to be underestimated, highlighted his notable wrestling feats, including a career-ending victory over WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 35.

Corbin further hinted that an overpowering Breakker should seek his commendation, but Breakker dismissed the notion, stating that he didn’t need or want his respect. Electrifying the arena with his fearless statement, Breakker subsequently challenged Corbin to a high-stakes match at No Mercy. He assured the audience and Corbin that he would vanquish him just as brutally as he had dispatched Wagner.

Taken aback, the seasoned Corbin retorted that Breakker still had a lot to learn and delivered a stinging slap to his face. The two then got entangled in a fierce scuffle, forcing security to intervene and separate them. The incident made it clear that the impending match at NXT No Mercy will not be a simple affair, but a relentless battle.

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